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Special Exhibit A Capital Affair Washington, D.C. 2013 The Four Seasons 0f Sandra Sue T he Sandra Sue Special Exhibit on display during UFDC's A Capital Affair convention has a special story all of its own. The exhibit room exuded a nostalgic air featuring a doll from Maryland created by Ida Adele Wood, a Washingtonian. After learning about a severely damaged store display, a Sandra Sue dollhouse (circa 1954), Margaret Gray Kincaid was struck by the idea of bringing Sandra Sue and the dollhouse to UFDC's national convention. As her childhood doll, Sandra Sue held a special place in Margaret's life and collection. A series of serendipitous events resulted in the coming together of information, talents and enthusiasm, culminating in a historical exhibit. In 1999 Peggy (Margaret Ann) Millhouse wrote the Sandra Sue Story for Dolls News' magazine. The two Margarets met and found a shared bond both in their lives and fondness for Sandra Sue. Word about the Sandra Sue Special Exhibit spread quickly and in her Roland Park living room the volunteers assembled as Margaret introduced her concept of a Sandra Sue Special Exhibit. These volunteers, members of several Maryland & Pennsylvania Doll Clubs, rallied and everything about the idea grew into something much more. 102 SPRING 2014

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Doll News Spring 2014

From the Editor
UFDC Officers and Regional Directors
President's Message
Conference Calendar
Welcome Newer Members
Fundraising Committee Report
Shared Passions - 2014 UFDC Convention
Tasha Tudor + Dolls = Enchanting Art
Early Juneau Bebe Part II
My Dear Hitty
A Capital Affair 2013 Antique Competitive Exhibit Part II
A Capital Affair 2013 Modern Competitive Exhibit Part II
A is for Annabelle - the story of a doll
Annatasha - A Paper Doll
A Visit to the Coleman Collection
Unending Delight - Tasha's World of Dolls
A Capital Affair 2013 Special Exhibit - The Four Seasons of Sandra Sue
A Capital Affair 2013 - Beautiful Boys, Gorgeous Girls - Asian and American BJDs
All About Lavinia Loring, A French Fashion Doll Reprinted from THE LETTER, Volume 3, Number 1, Summer 1983
Life before TV - UFDC Region 1 Conference
Christine Crocker - The Pastoral Dollmaker
Capturing the Classics - The Classic Plaything Collection of Wendy Lawton
The Story of Marjorie Tudor
Behind the Scenes - Regional Director Training
Isn't It Romantic
In a More Romantic Time - A Paper Doll
I is for Inspiration
Judging Dolls in UFDC Competitions
Club Notes
Reviewing Resources
Region Director Candidates
In Our Memories
News & Notes

Doll News Spring 2014