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by Donelle Denery & Marsha Hunter How do judges arrive at their decisions? How Dolls Are Judged J udging teams are typically made up of three judges, one of whom is the team captain. Generally the first thing the team does is determine if the dolls entered in the category fit the category description. The team will have read all the categories, not just the ones that they are judging, to be sure each doll entered fits the category description. If a doll is not entered in the correct category, it will be disqualified. In most cases, the disqualification card (which is given to the owner when they pick up their doll) lists the category in which the doll should been entered. It is important to note, there is not always a category for every doll. Some years there will be dolls which do not fit any listed category. There may, in the future, be a category for the doll - so do not give up considering the doll for competition in the future. If you are entering dolls in competition, the first and most important thing that you need to consider is whether the doll fits the category description. Read each word of the description carefully. Here is an example of what might be considered: Category Title: Antique German Doll with Bisque Head Category Description: Baby with painted eyes and with molded or painted hair. Must have bent or non-supporting legs. All babies of this type must be in this class, excluding all bisque and googlies. Some questions to ask to ensure your doll fits the description: * Is the hair molded or painted? * Are the eyes painted? * Is the doll German? * Is the doll antique? (Antique is considered to be pre-1920) * Is the head bisque? * Are all legs bent or nonsupporting? * Is the doll other than all bisque or googly? Also check to make sure that there is no preceding or following category in any class that precludes your entering the doll in your chosen category: Example Category Title & Description 1: China - Miniature, 8" and under, china shoulder head on cloth, leather or wooden body only, male or female, any doll of this size with a china head must be in this category. Example Category Title & Description 2 (Fig. 2): Doll House Doll - Fig. 1 This 6-inch doll with china shoulder head and china limbs are like those often used to populate a doll house. Fig. 2 Pictured here is sizable array of doll house dolls. DOLL NEWS * UFDC.ORG 173 http://www.UFDC.ORG

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Shared Passions - 2014 UFDC Convention
Tasha Tudor + Dolls = Enchanting Art
Early Juneau Bebe Part II
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A is for Annabelle - the story of a doll
Annatasha - A Paper Doll
A Visit to the Coleman Collection
Unending Delight - Tasha's World of Dolls
A Capital Affair 2013 Special Exhibit - The Four Seasons of Sandra Sue
A Capital Affair 2013 - Beautiful Boys, Gorgeous Girls - Asian and American BJDs
All About Lavinia Loring, A French Fashion Doll Reprinted from THE LETTER, Volume 3, Number 1, Summer 1983
Life before TV - UFDC Region 1 Conference
Christine Crocker - The Pastoral Dollmaker
Capturing the Classics - The Classic Plaything Collection of Wendy Lawton
The Story of Marjorie Tudor
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