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The Four Seasons of UFDC's Museum Summer Madeleine in her summer day dress looks as if she is ready to take a stroll in the garden. This is just one of her many dresses that forms part of her extensive wardrobe. Madeleine stands seventeen inches in height. A close up of Madeleine's face shows beautiful modelling and deeply defined eyelids giving the doll a modest attitude. With her pale bisque and plump cheeks it is clear she is an early poupée from the late 1860's. She still retains her original blonde mohair wig. O ne of the most exceptional donations given to the UFDC Museum recently is a French fashion doll named Madeleine de Baine. Madeleine previously resided in the Rosalie Whyel Museum of Doll Art and was generously donated by Rosalie and her family. Look for a full feature article coming soon to DOLL NEWS about this magnificent doll and her fabulous wardrobe and learn of Madeleine's well documented history and her role as a supporter of charities. Madeleine's blown kid leather body (far right) made by the firm of Pierre Victor Clement. This type of body was created by pressing leather into a mold and resulted in a very lightweight body. Among Madeleine's many possessions is this little doll (right). Although her dress is fragile she still remains in her charming original presentation. 90 SUMMER 2014

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From the Editor
UFDC Offi cers and Regional Directors
President’s Message
UFDC Nominating Process – 2015 Election Information
Conference Calendar
Welcome Newest Members
Fundraising Committee Report
Remembering Shirley Temple – So Much More than the Good Ship Lollipop
America’s Sweetheart – A Tribute to Shirley Temple Paper Doll
A Pictorial Look at Dolls and Their Royal Owners
Two Collections Raise Funds for UFDC’s Museum Collection
The Florida Seminoles and Their Dolls
The Lure of the Sea
An American in Germany – Attending the Annual Doll Festival in Neustadt
The Four Seasons of UFDC’s Museum – Summer
The President's Gift
Camping Out at UFDC Headquarters
With a Little Help from my Friends – Christine Shively
Barbie & Skipper – Celebrating 50 Years of Sister Fashions
A Doll for Her Time – Patsy Then & Now
A Monday Surprise – A Paper Doll
The Best-Dressed Doll
Reviewing Resources
Club Notes
Schedule of Functional Expenses/Schedule of Activities by Fund
In Our Memories
News & Notes

Doll News Summer 2014