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With a Little Help from my Friends - Christine Shively by Ann M. Leis This is a close up of a doll called "The Gift." The torso and neck area is separate from the head. It is called a "tab head" doll because the stuffed head is attached to the tab that makes up the neck and shoulder blades. Vintage textiles from India and hand-beaded edges were used for the doll's costume. 98 SUMMER 2014 ctor George Burns was once asked, "What is the secret to a long, happy life?" His reply was, "Fall in love with what you do for a living." This is exactly what doll maker Christine Shively decided she wanted to do. Christine says she has been an artist for most of her life and feels fortunate to have a career creating dolls. "My real dream was to make a living with my imagination," she said. Christine fabricates delightful hand-crafted cloth dolls that are outfitted in amazing costumes with intricate details. She combines her love of historical fashion, vintage textiles and embellishments to give each piece a very unique look. Christine says she finds inspiration from stories about the "heart and soul," a subject with which she is all too familiar. She has had to overcome some of life's biggest challenges but has managed to stay focused, in part, because of the wonderful people from UFDC and ODACA. She shares how deeply grateful she is to all those who showed concern during her darkest moments. Along with doll making, Christine attributes the healing of her heart to the one pure joy in her life, her nephew Alex. Linda Christine Shively grew up in Denver, Colorado and was the second of six children. Although Linda was her first name, her family always called her Chris. Christine attended public schools that provided art starting in kindergarten. Her parents valued all things artistic, so art books and visiting art museums were ever present, but there was also one elementary school teacher who made a difference in Christine's life. Mr. Fraley taught fifth and sixth grade science Monday

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Remembering Shirley Temple – So Much More than the Good Ship Lollipop
America’s Sweetheart – A Tribute to Shirley Temple Paper Doll
A Pictorial Look at Dolls and Their Royal Owners
Two Collections Raise Funds for UFDC’s Museum Collection
The Florida Seminoles and Their Dolls
The Lure of the Sea
An American in Germany – Attending the Annual Doll Festival in Neustadt
The Four Seasons of UFDC’s Museum – Summer
The President's Gift
Camping Out at UFDC Headquarters
With a Little Help from my Friends – Christine Shively
Barbie & Skipper – Celebrating 50 Years of Sister Fashions
A Doll for Her Time – Patsy Then & Now
A Monday Surprise – A Paper Doll
The Best-Dressed Doll
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Schedule of Functional Expenses/Schedule of Activities by Fund
In Our Memories
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Doll News Summer 2014