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President's Message L ate spring and early summer of the UFDC fiscal year is a time of taking stock of what we have accomplished over the course of the year. As President I receive and read annual reports from all of our clubs. These reports outline the programs presented at monthly meetings, special events such as luncheons, doll shows and exhibits, field trips to museums and donations made to charities. I also receive annual reports from all Officers, Regional Directors, Committees, and all Business, Education, DOLL NEWS, and Convention Chair people. These reports detail their activities on behalf of UFDC and contain identification of areas to improve as well as lots of good ideas for the benefit of our organization. The first thing that struck me in going through all of this valuable information was how large the scope of our accomplishments as a group really is. Our clubs are active in creating and sharing educational information about dolls, which is central to our mission as an organization. These small groups of dedicated doll lovers are the foundation of UFDC and are making a difference in the world of doll collecting through their displays, programs and doll-related community service projects. At the regional and international level this same scenario is played out. Many members work all year long to promote UFDC's mission to preserve, educate and conserve. These dedicated volunteers go beyond the ordinary to accomplish their work; putting in extraordinary effort to better serve the needs of our members. This year as I went through our convention time together I was acutely aware that everywhere I looked I witnessed members giving of their time and ability. So many convention attendees came up to me on a daily basis to let me know how much they were enjoying convention. I had the pleasure of thanking them for their appreciation and support, but really the thanks belongs to every chairperson, every crew member, every exhibit presenter, every program presenter, every club that hosted a special event, every member who volunteered an hour or more to help at convention, every member who attended their regional meeting and the annual meeting. These people gave their time selflessly to make convention that much better for all of us. Now as we move toward closing the books on the fiscal year I am also humbled by the financial generosity of the many members who have made the choice to support UFDC's work through special donations to our Unity fund, our museum, our scholarships, and all the other funds it takes to keep our club healthy. These donations make it possible for our work to continue. Looking at the year in retrospect I see that the spirit of volunteerism is alive and well in UFDC. It is that spirit that has allowed UFDC to succeed for the past 65 years and will enable us to continue to flourish as an organization in the coming years. Thank you all for being a part of what makes UFDC such a remarkable organization! Linda Edward UFDC President DOLL NEWS * UFDC.ORG 5 http://www.UFDC.ORG

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From the Editor
UFDC Offi cers and Regional Directors
President’s Message
UFDC Conference Calendar
Welcome Newest Members
Fundraising Committee Report
Shared Passions, 2014 UFDC 65th Convention Coverage
Black, Bisque & Beautiful
Gabriela Rose Original Paper Doll
A Veritable Feast in Every Way
Bob the Boy Scout Doll
The Luckiest Fella on Earth – The Story of Paper Doll Artist Tom Tierney
Tea with Victoria
Home Sweet Home – Lithographed Paper-Over-Wood Dollhouses
Ranch Life in Montana – A Visit with Alan Scott Pate and Robert Capriccio
Once Upon a Time – A Fairy Tale by the Sea
Barbie’s Best Friend
Janet Johl – The Fascinating Story
A Stroll through the Woods
Mix-and-Match Magic
Mix & Match Mates!
Fiesta! Junior Collector Round-Up
American Girl Place – A Dolly’s Day Out
Club Notes
Reviewing Resources
UFDC 2015 Nominating Committee and Declared Prospective Candidates
Convention Sponsors
Annual Report of the President
Annual Report ReAL Services
Annual Report of the Second Vice-President, Director of Convention Services
Annual Report of the Secretary-Treasurer
Resume Minutes of the 65th Annual Meeting
Credentials Alert
Interim Financial Statement
In Our Memories
News & Notes
MAL Application Form

Doll News Fall 2014