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A Fairy Tale by the Sea by Marion Buschbom The creator of the Otsy-Totsy dolls, Mayotta Browne, stands before "half a hundred dolls on the clothes line in her back yard." This is the only known photograph of Mayotta and her dolls. Mayotta and Hugh Comstock married on April 14, 1924 in Salinas, California. 94 FALL 2014 nce upon a time in a land far away there lived a small tribe of clothskinned beings called Otsy-Totsy. Little is known about them except that they left behind a distinctive style of architecture, and sadly, few of the Otsy-Totsy tribe seem to have survived. This certainly sounds like the beginning of a wonderful fairy tale and, in some ways it is. The OtsyTotsy, however, rather than being a lost tribe, was a fanciful line of cloth dolls and the far away land is not that far away at all but instead it is located off the Pacific Coast Highway. The creator of the Otsy-Totsy dolls, Mayotta Browne, was born in 1891 in California. In the 1920s her artistic nature led her to design a variety of cloth and felt dolls. Her output was prolific. In 1924 she met Hugh Comstock while he was on a visit to Carmel, California. He was a rancher who had been born in Illinois but had lived in Santa Rosa since 1907. Hugh had a talent for drawing but never received any formal education or training in architecture or building.

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From the Editor
UFDC Offi cers and Regional Directors
President’s Message
UFDC Conference Calendar
Welcome Newest Members
Fundraising Committee Report
Shared Passions, 2014 UFDC 65th Convention Coverage
Black, Bisque & Beautiful
Gabriela Rose Original Paper Doll
A Veritable Feast in Every Way
Bob the Boy Scout Doll
The Luckiest Fella on Earth – The Story of Paper Doll Artist Tom Tierney
Tea with Victoria
Home Sweet Home – Lithographed Paper-Over-Wood Dollhouses
Ranch Life in Montana – A Visit with Alan Scott Pate and Robert Capriccio
Once Upon a Time – A Fairy Tale by the Sea
Barbie’s Best Friend
Janet Johl – The Fascinating Story
A Stroll through the Woods
Mix-and-Match Magic
Mix & Match Mates!
Fiesta! Junior Collector Round-Up
American Girl Place – A Dolly’s Day Out
Club Notes
Reviewing Resources
UFDC 2015 Nominating Committee and Declared Prospective Candidates
Convention Sponsors
Annual Report of the President
Annual Report ReAL Services
Annual Report of the Second Vice-President, Director of Convention Services
Annual Report of the Secretary-Treasurer
Resume Minutes of the 65th Annual Meeting
Credentials Alert
Interim Financial Statement
In Our Memories
News & Notes
MAL Application Form

Doll News Fall 2014