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2015 National Competitive Exhibits A Dream Come True These categories for the 66th UFDC National Convention have been released early so that artists and costumers may begin preparation for their entries. The complete list of categories for the Competitive Exhibits will be mailed with the registration packet in April. Each registrant will receive a separate booklet listing all categories. Please bring your exhibit booklet to the convention. The Antique and Modern Costumed by Exhibitor category will be combined for this summer's convention, "A Dream Come True," to be held in Kansas City, Missouri July 16 through July 19, 2015. ANTIQUE AND MODERN COMPETITION COSTUMED BY EXHIBITOR Exhibitor must make all clothing and accessories, except for the shoes. Costume will be judged on creativity, design, craftsmanship, and suitability to the doll. The doll will NOT be judged. 1. "Kansas City, Here We Come". Costume your doll for a trip to Kansas City. 2. "A Dream Come True". Costume your doll in nightwear, ready for bed. DOLL NEWS * UFDC.ORG 17 http://www.UFDC.ORG

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Doll News Winter 2015

From the Editor
UFDC Offi cers and Regional Directors
President’s Message
UFDC Conference Calendar
A Warm Welcome to Our Newest Members
A Dream Come True, UFDC’s 66th Annual Convention Information and the 2015 UFDC National Convention Registration Card
2015 UFDC National Competitive Exhibit Early Information
Fundraising Committee Report
Marianna’s Gift: The Hands that Heal
Marianna Original Paper Doll
Wonderful Japanese Kokeshi Dolls
Alien (Heads) or The Invasion of the (Peg Wooden) Body Snatchers
The Ralph Waldo Emerson Family Dolls
Louisa May Alcott, Madame Alexander and the Little Women Dolls
Hepzibah’s Milkmaids – The Dolls of The House of the Seven Gables
A Child A Doll A Portrait
Shared Passions 2014 UFDC Special Exhibit The Wild West
Shared Passions 2014 UFDC Special Exhibit Dianna Effner
Shared Passions 2014 UFDC Antique Competitive Exhibit Part 1
Shared Passions 2014 UFDC Modern Competitive Exhibit Part 1
Shared Passions 2014 UFDC In Appreciation
The Art of Technology
Painted Perfection – The Story of Susan Fosnot
Masquerade - The History of Costume Balls and Fancy Dress
Go Ahead, Make a Scene! Creative Collecting, Part 1
Club Notes
Reviewing Resources
UFDC Awards of Excellence Nomination Information and Form
Doll-ers & Sense
In Our Memories
News & Notes
Member-At-Large Form

Doll News Winter 2015