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UNITED FEDERATION OF DOLL CLUBS, INC. AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE UFDC Awards of Excellence are awarded in recognition of outstanding achievements. Awards are presented to UFDC members only. Any UFDC member in good standing may nominate a candidate for an Award of Excellence. No member may nominate himself/herself. No individual may be considered for more than one category in the same year. In the case of an individual being nominated in several categories, the Awards Committee will select the most appropriate category. Awards may be presented to individual members, clubs, groups of clubs, or regions. The Meritorious Service Award is an award for lifetime achievement which may be awarded only once to any individual. How does the process work? The nomination process is completely membership driven. In an organization that is geographically widespread and diversified, the Awards of Excellence committee relies solely on the membership to bring accomplishments of note to their attention. Without nominations from the membership, there would be no awards presented. The deadline for nominations is May 1st, annually. This deadline allows just enough time for the Central Office to send the materials to the chairman of the committee, who in turn, distributes copies to the committee. Each member of the committee then considers all the nominations and returns a ballot to the chairman. The entire process is done with confidentiality. The chairman tallies the votes and forwards the ballots and the report to the President. The administrative and executive branches of the organization have no part in the decision making process. A nomination for an Award of Excellence is an opportunity to honor the achievements of a fellow doll collector. In order for the Awards of Excellence committee to fully understand the accomplishments of the nominee, every nomination form should be accompanied by back up documentation and when appropriate, pictures. Every original nomination is considered. Photocopied nominations and testimonial form letters do not add weight to the nomination. The Awards of Excellence committee needs to understand the local, regional or national level of activity of your nominee. They need to understand the impact your nominee has made on the world. It is only in this way that the committee can accurately consider the merit of the nominee. Our UFDC Awards of Excellence are given in recognition of outstanding achievements by our fellow members. When we consider the amount of time our nominee has devoted to their special undertaking, it is appropriate to put a comprehensive and meaningful nomination together for that person. Meritorious Service This award was established to recognize UFDC members who contribute substantially over a long period, in many different ways, toward the betterment of UFDC. This award should be considered a lifetime achievement. It is the highest honor bestowed by UFDC. Protection and Preservation of Dolls This award was established to recognize outstanding efforts in doll conservation. Protection and preservation of dolls can take many forms, including but not limited to: founding a doll museum, acting as a curator of dolls for a museum, cataloguing and/or refurbishing an existing collection of dolls in a museum, preservation of dolls, or a single project which contributes to the field of conservation. Exhibit of Dolls This award was established to recognize outstanding efforts in mounting an exhibit of dolls. For purposes of this award, an exhibit of dolls is considered a temporary display, mounted for a specific function and length of time. The following factors will be considered: the scope of the exhibit and the degree of research, study, and effort that went into the exhibit. Contributions to DOLL NEWS This award was established to recognize outstanding contributions to DOLL NEWS over a long period. Contributions to DOLL NEWS include, but are not limited to: research, reporting, artwork, and photography. 184 WINTER 2015

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Doll News Winter 2015

From the Editor
UFDC Offi cers and Regional Directors
President’s Message
UFDC Conference Calendar
A Warm Welcome to Our Newest Members
A Dream Come True, UFDC’s 66th Annual Convention Information and the 2015 UFDC National Convention Registration Card
2015 UFDC National Competitive Exhibit Early Information
Fundraising Committee Report
Marianna’s Gift: The Hands that Heal
Marianna Original Paper Doll
Wonderful Japanese Kokeshi Dolls
Alien (Heads) or The Invasion of the (Peg Wooden) Body Snatchers
The Ralph Waldo Emerson Family Dolls
Louisa May Alcott, Madame Alexander and the Little Women Dolls
Hepzibah’s Milkmaids – The Dolls of The House of the Seven Gables
A Child A Doll A Portrait
Shared Passions 2014 UFDC Special Exhibit The Wild West
Shared Passions 2014 UFDC Special Exhibit Dianna Effner
Shared Passions 2014 UFDC Antique Competitive Exhibit Part 1
Shared Passions 2014 UFDC Modern Competitive Exhibit Part 1
Shared Passions 2014 UFDC In Appreciation
The Art of Technology
Painted Perfection – The Story of Susan Fosnot
Masquerade - The History of Costume Balls and Fancy Dress
Go Ahead, Make a Scene! Creative Collecting, Part 1
Club Notes
Reviewing Resources
UFDC Awards of Excellence Nomination Information and Form
Doll-ers & Sense
In Our Memories
News & Notes
Member-At-Large Form

Doll News Winter 2015