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Financial Statement Review T he UFDC Interim Financial Statement which appeared in the fall 2014 issue of DOLL NEWS indicated a net fund balance (without including the value of our building, equipment and collection) of a healthy $700,153. Looking at the convention part of this statement it would appear that the convention had a deficit of $160,034. However, it must be remembered that this statement is as of February 28, 2014. At that time no general convention registrations or event revenue had been collected. However, the majority of convention expenses had been expensed. Happily, the final figures for convention tell a different story. Thanks to the dedication and hard work of our Convention Chair Loretta Nardone, the convention chairmen and volunteers, our 2014 convention ended up in the black. Convention revenue for the San Antonio convention exceeded convention expenses by over $135,000. Factoring in all direct and indirect convention expenses we made a profit of over $87,000. Our convention is self-supporting and no membership dues are used in funding of the convention. Expenses related to the Annual Business Meeting at convention are considered to be an administrative responsibility since our articles of incorporation require us to have an annual business meeting. Beyond that all convention activities are funded through 188 WINTER 2015 registration fees and donations. The major sources of revenue for convention are registration fees, event fees, helpers and donations. The major expenses include the hotel, insurance and security, room set-up, salaries and benefits, souvenirs and favors, and volunteer expense reimbursement. This year we had 789 full registrations, slightly below a sellout. Adding in the 130 limited registrations there were a total of 919 UFDC members present representing approximately 11-percent of our membership. The J.W. Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort proved to be a wonderful convention site and all rooms in our hotel block were sold out. Meeting our hotel obligation for rooms saved us a possible penalty. One of the greatest factors in making convention financially successful this year was the generosity and support of the many members who donated to convention through exhibit sponsorships, which came in above budget. Tax advantages for non-profit charities such as UFDC (IRS designation 501(c)3 ) and the popularity of the numerous companion pieces sold at ticketed event were also contributing factors to convention's financial success, the latter generating nearly $13,000 in revenue for UFDC. The pages of pictures of the convention and smiling faces of attendees in the fall issue of DOLL NEWS belies the difficulty faced in planning, organizing and carrying out our wonderful convention. Hotels and doll artists must be contracted for years in advance, relying on estimates of future membership numbers and attendance, in addition to factoring in estimates of local and national economies! Plans are already well underway for convention 2015 in Kansas City. Full registrations and staying at the convention hotel are two important steps to another successful convention. Successful conventions financially benefit other areas of UFDC, bringing benefits to all our members, not just convention attendees. As we come home to our Headquarters and our newly-renovated museum you are sure to be impressed by how the dream of Mary Lewis is now "A Dream Come True." To make the 66th Annual Convention as successful as our last one be sure to register early and apply for full-registration. Those with full registration have priority registration and you won't want to miss out on what promises to be another wonderful convention! Sheryl Sunderman Financial Manager Barbara Stone Secretary-Treasurer

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From the Editor
UFDC Offi cers and Regional Directors
President’s Message
UFDC Conference Calendar
A Warm Welcome to Our Newest Members
A Dream Come True, UFDC’s 66th Annual Convention Information and the 2015 UFDC National Convention Registration Card
2015 UFDC National Competitive Exhibit Early Information
Fundraising Committee Report
Marianna’s Gift: The Hands that Heal
Marianna Original Paper Doll
Wonderful Japanese Kokeshi Dolls
Alien (Heads) or The Invasion of the (Peg Wooden) Body Snatchers
The Ralph Waldo Emerson Family Dolls
Louisa May Alcott, Madame Alexander and the Little Women Dolls
Hepzibah’s Milkmaids – The Dolls of The House of the Seven Gables
A Child A Doll A Portrait
Shared Passions 2014 UFDC Special Exhibit The Wild West
Shared Passions 2014 UFDC Special Exhibit Dianna Effner
Shared Passions 2014 UFDC Antique Competitive Exhibit Part 1
Shared Passions 2014 UFDC Modern Competitive Exhibit Part 1
Shared Passions 2014 UFDC In Appreciation
The Art of Technology
Painted Perfection – The Story of Susan Fosnot
Masquerade - The History of Costume Balls and Fancy Dress
Go Ahead, Make a Scene! Creative Collecting, Part 1
Club Notes
Reviewing Resources
UFDC Awards of Excellence Nomination Information and Form
Doll-ers & Sense
In Our Memories
News & Notes
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Doll News Winter 2015