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G From Germany with Love The Story of Annette Herrmann by Ann M. Leis ood natured and gracious with a hint of German descent, contemporary doll artist, Annette Herrmann makes a porcelain, ball-jointed doll as sweet as herself. Annette combines her extensive years of doll making education with her ties to Germany to create an adorable handmade doll with irresistible appeal. Annette hand sculpts and paints each of her pieces, then embellishes them using a variety of resources mostly from Germany, where she grew up. Friends, family, and specialty shops all contribute to Annette's creative endeavors. Dolls are styled similar to the early ball-jointed dolls from the turn of the century. They are often accompanied by miniature accessories to help tell a special story. The results are award winning. From her first submission in 2001, Annette Herrmann has won thirty-five national doll honors including the DOTY Industry Choice Awards, DOTY People's Choice Awards, Dolls Award of Excellence Nominations and Dolls Award of Excellence Winners. This pleasant artist says she has fond memories from childhood that help inspire her to make beautiful dolls. It is apparent that Annette's success comes from her ambition and passion, and of course, a little love of Germany. Annette Herrmann was born in a typical small town within the Baden-Württemberg area of Germany, with a population of about ten thousand residents. Annette remembers it as being a happy place for children. "Childhood, in those days, was very easy," she said. Annette reminisced how children were able to walk to school and play freely outside. She fondly described a simpler lifestyle where children could roam about the town yet still feel safe and well protected. Everyone went to public schools and 120 SPRING 2015 Talia is limited to six pieces and is dressed as a one-of-a-kind. Her outfit and stockings are from Boneka Dress Fashions, and her table and Christmas tree are from Reutter Porcelain Factory, both in Germany. girls were required to take art classes, sewing, knitting, crocheting, and cooking. As a child, Annette loved playing with dolls. Her brother, Frank, is nine years younger than Annette so she and her older sister used to play with him as if he were their own living doll. "We used to take him in his baby carriage and walk him around town," she laughed, "We loved doing that!" Annette remembers receiving her favorite doll on Christmas Eve when she was about four years old. "In those days our Christmases were different; we would get one big gift," she recalled. Annette's parents surprised her with a twenty-inch Schildkröt doll that she affectionately named, Uschi. In 1984 when Annette was in her twenties, she relocated to Florida where she met her husband while attending school. "I went back to school while I was working," she shared. Annette received her Bachelors of Science from Barring University and obtained her MBA from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. The couple enjoyed living in the sunshine state but returned to Germany every year for Christmas. The spark for making dolls happened during one of those Christmas visits in 1990. Annette's mother and sister had been taking a porcelain doll making class at a local German shop. Her mother made a doll for Annette and gave it to her for Christmas.

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