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Fashionable Fair Females: Charitable Dress in Miniature by Elizabeth Ann Coleman T Dolls hanging at the 1861 New York City Great Fair for the Poor as they would have done at the Boston Sanitary Fair. Another doll's dress is displayed on an hour glass pedestal to the right of the large picture. Harper's Weekly, Weekly December 28, 1861 32 SPRING 2015 he forerunner of the American Red Cross was a governmental agency called the United States Sanitary Commission. Based on the British Sanitary Commission, established during the Crimean War to aid military personnel, the American version had a very brief existence: June 1861-May 1866. But during that time of Civil War (1861-1864) and its immediate aftermath, in many of the northern states of the Union, the commission managed to raise through charity fairs1 considerable funds2 to support the needs of military service personnel. In Union communities large and small from Washington, DC up to Portland, Maine and from New York City west to Minneapolis, Minnesota, many women and girls gave up individual and small cluster endeavors to produce items for what would become community efforts known as Sanitary Fairs. These items were often designed to capture the eye and purse of the well-heeled. While some items were sold directly to fair visitors a number were raffled3, often to the great advantage of the Commission's coffers. While 1. Fundraising fairs for the war endeavor also took place in the Southern or Confederate states but these were not aligned with the Sanitary Commission. 2. The estimated amount varies widely with the semi-official Tribute Book calculating over five million (in 1860s dollars). 3. Over the course of the fairs much public discussion was given to the morality of raffling. Often, due to public outcry, even while in operation, the fairs had to change methods of offering goods to multiple potential acquirers because any form of betting was considered unacceptable.

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From the Editor
UFDC Officers and Regional Directors
President’s Message
Conference Calendar
A Warm Welcome to Our Newest Members
UFDC Student/ Apprentice Judge Programs
UFDC Notice of Annual Meeting
A Dream Come True – UFDC’s 66th Annual Convention 2015
Fundraising Committee Report
Miss Flora McFlimsey’s Journey
Miss Flora McFlimsey Original Paper Doll
Fashionable Fair Females: Charitable Dress in Miniature
Artists in Wonderland – Featuring the Collection of Lynn Kublank
Out of Adversity
Shared Passions 2014 Special Exhibit Shared Passions
Shared Passions 2014 Special Exhibit The Many Faces of German Dolls
Shared Passions 2014 Special Exhibit The Executive Committee and Board of Directors
Shared Passions 2014 Antique Competitive Exhibit Part 2
Shared Passions 2014 Modern Competitive Exhibit Part 2
Corinne’s Creation – A Doll’s Legacy
The Silent Witness Doll
The Unbridled Spirit of Miss Rose Percy
From Germany with Love – The Story of Annette Hermann
A Civil War Tea and Doll Exhibit
A Tradition of Caring
The Work of Your Hands
Reviewing Resources
Club Notes
Member-at-Large Form
Slate of Officers
Getting to Know Our Regional Directors
Doll-ers & Sense
In Our Memories
News & Notes

Doll News Spring 2015