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UFDC Region 14 Conference Golden Memories Registration Chair Sally Griffin sits between Shaker Doll Club members Diane Elander (L) and Nancy Kiyonaga (R) as they greet attendees to Region 14's conference, Golden Memories. Shaker Doll Club member Claire Komulainen created centerpieces for the conference. She also presented an entertaining program, "Fun and Funky at 50," during the opening night's ice cream and cake party to celebrate the Shaker Doll Club's 50th birthday. Members of the Shaker Doll Club hosted an outstanding conference in Albany, New York. Attendees were encouraged to come dressed in something they might have worn in 1965. Here, UFDC President Linda Edward dressed appropriately while carrying a favorite childhood doll. Conference Chair Priscilla (Cilla) McCaughin (L) and Shaker Doll Club President Donna Mullet (R) welcomed attendees to the Region 14 conference. UFDC's First Vice President Janet Gula (L) and Second Vice President Loretta Nardone (R) enjoy a cup of coffee in the Marriott's restaurant. 156 SUMMER 2015 "Let me pick up the tab," says Secretary-Treasurer Barbara Stone. R egion 14's Shaker Doll Club hosted an outstanding regional conference April 30 through May 3, 2015, in Albany, New York at the Marriott Hotel. Conference Chair Priscilla (Cilla) McCaughin served as chairperson for the event, which celebrated the Shaker Doll Club's fiftieth anniversary as a member of UFDC. Opening day, attendees were treated to a special exhibit featuring Daisy Kingdom's beautiful fabrics, organized by club member Elaine Busta. Doll Dialogs were given by knowledgeable Shaker Doll Club members and covered topics such as "Ronnaug Pettersen Dolls" by Sandy Smith; "Emma Clear Dolls" by Charlene Mahlmann; "Sasha Dolls" by Mary Krupp; "Madame Alexander Dolls" by Janice Mullins; "Shaker Dolls" by Donna Mullet; "Nancy Ann Dolls" by Janet L. Smith; "Dolls Made from China" Ann VanDervort; and "Gail Wilson Dolls" by Sally Griffin. That evening, while all enjoyed birthday cake and ice cream, Shaker club member Claire Komulainen invited attendees back to 1965, the year their club began. "Fun and Funky at 50" was the theme. Attendees were invited to dress as they did in 1965.

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Doll News Summer 2015

From the Editor
UFDC Offi cers and Regional Directors
President’s Message
Conference Calendar
A Warm Welcome to Our Newest Members / Getting to Know You – The UFDC Club President’s Survey
Fundraising Committee Report
The Marvelous Magical Betsy McCall
Betsy Original Paper Doll
The Story behind UFDC’s Emblem – Miss Unity
Steiff ’s Timeless and Beloved “Teddy Baby” Bears
Native Alaskan Dolls
Russian Stockinette Dolls
The Mark Farmer Company Story
Dress Up Fun with Betsy McCall, a Game
Tammy – The Doll You Love To Dress
The Care of An American Icon
A Study in Aesthetics: Considering the Uncanny Doll
Maternal Love – The Dolls of Anne Myatt
Patti Playpal – A Big Doll for a Little Girl
Who Dressed Betsy McCall
Heavens to Betsy!
UFDC Region 14 Conference – Golden Memories
Club Notes
Reviewing Resources
In Our Memories
UFDC Nominating Process – 2016 Election Information for Regional Directors
MAL Form
News & Notes

Doll News Summer 2015