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Donations FUND SUMMARY Current FY (9/1/14 - 8/31/15) Building 9,503 Convention 27,340 Doll News 105 Endowment 780 Junior Collector 925 ReAL Services 24,663 Regional Directors Fund 2,500 Scholarship 200 Unity 14,791 Totals 80,807 Previous FY (9/1/13-8/31/14) 12,768 56,152 770 600 2,085 83,237 2,978 5,082 25,942 189,614 Previous FY (9/1/12-8/31/13) 9,489 38,307 875 3,435 2,155 24,522 4,753 3,396 63,765 150,697 Quarterly Contribution Report Contributions received January 1 to March 31, 2015 Building Fund (includes the Donor Tree and the pay a day challenge) Badger State Doll Club Cindy A. Bailey Bay Area Doll Club Council Central Penn Doll Collectors Hoosier Doll Collectors Club Independent Spirits Doll Club Love-A-Doll Club Metro Dolls Loretta Nardone Now & Then Doll Club Tropical Doll Study Club Mary Lu Trowbridge Tucson Doll Guild Convention (Convention sponsorships will be listed in the fall Doll News) Alfred Edward Fond Memories Doll Club Patricia Girbach Ill-Wis Antique Doll Club Independent Spirits Doll Club Rita M. Johnston Naples Doll Club Nellie W. Perkins Doll & Min. Society Port Charlotte Doll Club of Florida San Antonio Doll Collectors Sarasota Doll Club Star of The North Doll Club 176 SUMMER 2015 Susan Steirn West Virginia Mountaineer D.C. Doll News Julie Newhouse Valley of The Sun Doll Club Junior Collectors Fund Sara Crespi Show-Me Doll Club ReAL Services Fund (including Library, Museum and Collections Acquisition Funds) Belles & Beaux D. & T. Guild of Florida Bismarck Doll Friends CA Doll Collectors of Orange County Carmel Doll & Toy Study Group Central Florida Doll Club Chenango Valley Doll Club Cherry City Doll Club of Oregon Colonial York Doll Club Dakota Doll Club Desert Dollies Doll Club Doll Collectors of Houston Doll Discovery Club Doll Study Club of Boston Dolls & Friends D.C. of Royal Oak Dorothy Coleman Doll Club Duke & Duchess Doll Club Edmonds Doll Hobby Club Fireside Doll Workshop of IL Heirloom Doll Collectors Club Independent Spirits Doll Club (2) Margaret Kincaid Land O Sky Doll Club Alice Leverett Ultimate Fashion Sewing Group Lewis Sorensen Doll Club Fritzi Martinez Maryland Doll Club Rita McCloskey Minnesota Jamboree Council Naples Doll Club (2) Loretta Nardone Nellie W. Perkins Doll & Min. Society North Louisiana Antique Doll & Toy Club Northern Ohio Doll Club Patty Olbright Patchogue Doll Fanciers Club Lillian M. Peeler Queen City Doll Club of Ohio San Antonio Doll Collectors San Fernando Valley Dollers San-D-Over Dollers Doll Club Sherman Smith Doll Club Sierra-Nevada Doll Club Sir Walter Raleigh Doll Club Southern Oregon Doll Collectors St. Petersburg Doll Club Dr. Barbara Stone (2)

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Doll News Summer 2015

From the Editor
UFDC Offi cers and Regional Directors
President’s Message
Conference Calendar
A Warm Welcome to Our Newest Members / Getting to Know You – The UFDC Club President’s Survey
Fundraising Committee Report
The Marvelous Magical Betsy McCall
Betsy Original Paper Doll
The Story behind UFDC’s Emblem – Miss Unity
Steiff ’s Timeless and Beloved “Teddy Baby” Bears
Native Alaskan Dolls
Russian Stockinette Dolls
The Mark Farmer Company Story
Dress Up Fun with Betsy McCall, a Game
Tammy – The Doll You Love To Dress
The Care of An American Icon
A Study in Aesthetics: Considering the Uncanny Doll
Maternal Love – The Dolls of Anne Myatt
Patti Playpal – A Big Doll for a Little Girl
Who Dressed Betsy McCall
Heavens to Betsy!
UFDC Region 14 Conference – Golden Memories
Club Notes
Reviewing Resources
In Our Memories
UFDC Nominating Process – 2016 Election Information for Regional Directors
MAL Form
News & Notes

Doll News Summer 2015