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THE STORY BEHIND UFDC'S EMBLEM Miss Unity By Laurie McGill Unity Is Our Emblem - In Unity There Is Strength T The emblem for the National Doll and Toy Collectors Club was designed by Jenny Comfort in 1940. The emblem was called "Dolly National." 34 SUMMER 2015 he back story of the United Federation of Doll Clubs' emblem, Miss Unity, is an interesting and multifaceted one. UFDC's founder Mary Lewis began the National Doll & Toy Collectors Club in 1937 in New York. It was not until 1940 that an official club emblem was adopted. "Dolly National" was designed and created by club member and doll maker Jenny Comfort in 1940. Mary tirelessly traveled across the United States to promote doll collecting and gradually other clubs (called Units) came into existence. Then when the United Federation of Doll Clubs was incorporated on June 29, 1949, Dolly National took on the role of the symbol of the new organization. She appeared on the masthead of Doll News (which at that time was in a newsletter format) as well as on the organization's official stationery. But she also remained as the emblem for the National Doll & Toy Collectors Club in New York which had been recognized as Unit No. 1 on the charter with its founder, Mary Lewis, serving as the first president of UFDC. The newly incorporated Federation held its first annual convention in New London, Connecticut in September 1950. The souvenir was a hand-painted, limited edition, numbered plate that pictured Dolly National in the center surrounded by the words, "The United Federation of Doll Clubs Inc - First Annual Convention - New London Conn 1950" in gold on the rim. Club member Lenea Adelhelm painted the plates. The back of the plate was stamped: "This plate was made to commemorate the federation of all the Units of the National Doll and Toy Collections [sic] Club, Inc.

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From the Editor
UFDC Offi cers and Regional Directors
President’s Message
Conference Calendar
A Warm Welcome to Our Newest Members / Getting to Know You – The UFDC Club President’s Survey
Fundraising Committee Report
The Marvelous Magical Betsy McCall
Betsy Original Paper Doll
The Story behind UFDC’s Emblem – Miss Unity
Steiff ’s Timeless and Beloved “Teddy Baby” Bears
Native Alaskan Dolls
Russian Stockinette Dolls
The Mark Farmer Company Story
Dress Up Fun with Betsy McCall, a Game
Tammy – The Doll You Love To Dress
The Care of An American Icon
A Study in Aesthetics: Considering the Uncanny Doll
Maternal Love – The Dolls of Anne Myatt
Patti Playpal – A Big Doll for a Little Girl
Who Dressed Betsy McCall
Heavens to Betsy!
UFDC Region 14 Conference – Golden Memories
Club Notes
Reviewing Resources
In Our Memories
UFDC Nominating Process – 2016 Election Information for Regional Directors
MAL Form
News & Notes

Doll News Summer 2015