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Russian Stockinette Dolls by Linda Holderbaum L These two ladies are from the Smolensk region, southwest of Moscow. The basic outfit is the same for both dolls here, with a blouse or rubakha in white linen with red embroidery on the sleeves, neck and hem underneath the sarafan. Both wear leggings and lapti. The label on the doll on the right reads: "MADE IN RUSSIA// Smolensk district woman." The linen label of the lady on the left reads: MADE IN SOVIET UNION//Smolenski district woman." The doll on the right is from the collection of Rosemary Deal. 64 SUMMER 2015 ord Thomas Babington Macaulay once wrote, "The study of dolls is the study of mankind." Dolls truly are a wonderful way to learn about other cultures, customs and traditions. One of the most interesting countries to study is Russia, one of the world's largest countries with the most diverse cultural groups within its borders. Collecting dolls for over forty-five years, I have found some of the most intriguing Russian dolls are the cloth stockinette dolls, in particular the series of 14-to-15-inch dolls depicting adults. Produced from the 1920s to the 1940s, resource information has been difficult to find and in some cases less than accurate. While other sizes of stockinette dolls and tea cozies were also produced, this article will concentrate on this larger size. No information exists as to who made the dolls. It is generally believed that they were made in some type of cottage industry, sewn at home from patterns by village women. With the uniformity of the face molds and painting of the facial features as well as the consistency of costuming, perhaps they were made up as a kit and assembled by a worker at home. The dolls are made of silk stockinette fabric with adult features. In most cases the entire doll is of stockinette material. If not the entire doll, at least the face and hands are stockinette. The fingers are molded together with the thumbs held away from the fingers. The dolls are solidly stuffed in a standing position. The facial features are painted onto the

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