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A Warm Welcome to Our Newest Members The United Federation of Doll Clubs would like to welcome our newest members: Corporate Member: Doll Shops United, LLC Ruby Lane Region 1 Ann Horton Maggie Martos Lynda Darleen McGuckie Deborah P. Olsen Betty J. Patterson Vicky Weyhing Region 2N Dawn Ancell Sage Melinda Nunley Region 2S Lynda Farr Marita Neumann Jack Rockwell Holly Ulseth Region 3 Jeanette Rector Region 5 Deb Beck Marilyn Menser Janet Wainwright Region 6 Delores Gray Cheryl Johnson Marilyn Kohls Teresa Lucero Region 7 Jean Thibodeaux Region 8 Marsha Browning Kathleen A. Pisano James Matthew Sutherland Christina Turpela Region 9 Michelle Childs-McCarthy Cheryl Dunham Barbara Epstein 8 SUMMER 2015 Jan Goers Diana K. Holmes Mary Kartes Marilyn J. Lewis Kathy Maher Patricia Montgomery Janet Newhouse Carolyn E. Terrell Jeanie Van Arsdale Region 10 Kathleen Hoffman Linda Jakubowski Marie Odile Rourke Jackie Tyler Region 12 James Holland Nao Kamato Region 13 Carol Howard David Johnson Beverly A. Ockimey Walter Plank Anne Ryan Ethel W. Smith Region 14 Elizabeth Cooper Anita Girard Susan Porter Connie Proelta Diane Wojcik-Pekala Region 15 Susan Matteri Pam Pezzulo Lora Soling Joan Syriopoulos Region 16 Heather U. Bott-Cloutier Frances May GETTING TO KNOW YOU The UFDC Club President's Survey UFDC's Membership Committee is chartered to examine issues pertaining to membership and support the needs of the organization both today and for the future. The current committee members are: Marseille Bunk, Carol Hansen, Becky Rice and Beverly Stoehr. Barbara Stone, UFDC Secretary-Treasurer and Director, New Membership serves as the committee's chair. Recent activities of the Membership Committee include new member booklets sent to each new member, outlining a membership campaign, organizing convention activities, and conducting surveys. The Committee created membership-oriented Dynamic Doll Dialogues for the 2014 and 2015 Conventions. In addition to manning the information table at Public Days the Committee organized a survey of attendees at the 2014 convention. Each non-member Public Day attendee was sent an MAL application and each UFDC member Public Day attendee was sent a 2015 convention invitation. One of the major projects this year has been a survey of UFDC clubs. Maintaining and expanding membership is a challenge compounded by many issues including an aging population, economics, and changing demographics. Key to serving the needs of the members of our organization is to learn more about them. To carry this out the Membership Committee structured a club survey which was sent to the presidents of all UFDC clubs. Over half of UFDC's 473 club presidents responded providing the Executive Committee with valuable input to aid in structuring future plans and programs. We learned that while club members range in age from 18 to over 70, over 75-percent of our members are over 60 years of age and 42-percent are over 70 years. Clubs reported that 48-percent of their members are very active and an estimated 17-percent attend a national convention and 16-percent a regional conference. Club members collect across the spectrum of dolls: antique, vintage, modern and artist dolls. The majority of the reporting clubs have members who collect antique dolls, but we are not an "antiquesonly organization" since the percent spread over antique, vintage and modern collecting is not statistically significant. Additionally, 79-percent of the clubs reported having doll artists/doll makers/doll costumers in their club. Seventy-one percent of clubs reported having a focus or project. These included educational activities (displays and programs), luncheons and doll shows. Many reported philanthropic activities such as donating dolls to the needy etc. in addition to supporting UFDC. On behalf of the Membership Committee, I want to thank each club president who took the time to answer and return the survey. This important information will help UFDC continue to explore new ways of serving the needs of our members now and in the future. Dr. Barbara Stone UFDC Secretary-Treasurer

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From the Editor
UFDC Offi cers and Regional Directors
President’s Message
Conference Calendar
A Warm Welcome to Our Newest Members / Getting to Know You – The UFDC Club President’s Survey
Fundraising Committee Report
The Marvelous Magical Betsy McCall
Betsy Original Paper Doll
The Story behind UFDC’s Emblem – Miss Unity
Steiff ’s Timeless and Beloved “Teddy Baby” Bears
Native Alaskan Dolls
Russian Stockinette Dolls
The Mark Farmer Company Story
Dress Up Fun with Betsy McCall, a Game
Tammy – The Doll You Love To Dress
The Care of An American Icon
A Study in Aesthetics: Considering the Uncanny Doll
Maternal Love – The Dolls of Anne Myatt
Patti Playpal – A Big Doll for a Little Girl
Who Dressed Betsy McCall
Heavens to Betsy!
UFDC Region 14 Conference – Golden Memories
Club Notes
Reviewing Resources
In Our Memories
UFDC Nominating Process – 2016 Election Information for Regional Directors
MAL Form
News & Notes

Doll News Summer 2015