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Case Report Pre-TreaTmenT PROFILE RELAXED RELAXED SMILING How would you treat this malocclusion? Case M. W. 11 years, 3 months A n eleven-year-old Caucasian/African-American female presents with a chief complaint of minor crowding and retained deciduous second molars. intRaORal findingS extRaORal findingS Facial analysis shows a full profile, with full lips and mild lip incompetence. The patient has good facial balance and proportions. The patient’s molar relationship is Class I with minor mandibular incisor crowding. The upper cuspids are in lingual crossbite. There is a mild curve of Spee in the lower arch, and the lower incisors are canted to the left, accounting for the slight midline deviation. The maxillary and mandibular incisors are slightly protrusive. The mandibular second deciduous molars are retained. The second molars are erupting, though partially covered with soft tissue. There is minimal overjet in the buccal segments, and the maxilla appears narrow. INITIAL RIGHT BUCCAL RIGHT BUCCAL INITIAL FRONTAL FRONTAL INTRAORAL INITIAL LEFT BUCCAL LEFT BUCCAL MAXILLARY OCCLUSAL MANDIBULAR OCCLUSAL 24 PCSO Bulletin • SuMMeR 2012

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