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SUMMARIES SOUTHERN REGION FROM GOOD TO GREAT IN A TOUGH ECONOMY Presented by Ken Alexander, Director, Millennium Management Services, at the PCSO Southern Regional meeting on March 2, 2012. Summarized by Dr. Douglas Hom, PCSO Bulletin Southern Region Editor. he business of orthodontics has changed dramatically over the last five to seven years. New marketing strategies and innovations have pushed orthodontists to become much more business-savvy and change with the times. Compounding the current environment for most practices is that their communities Dr. Alexander are suffering the greatest recession since the Great Depression; fear and lack of resources have gripped consumers in ways that have not been seen since the 1940s. The good news is that in spite of this gloominess, orthodontics is a very healthy profession and one that the banks enjoy lending to, as failures are next to nonexistent. Some practices are growing their share of the marketplace, even in these tough times—which says that they are doing many of the right things. Ken Alexander of Millennium Management Services explored ten “Good to Great Ideals” along with the action steps necessary to guide today’s orthodontic practices along a path to success. T needed to balance out their bosses’ weaknesses and make them effective. To achieve this ideal requires getting the wrong people “off the bus.” GOOD TO GREAT IDEAL #3: Requires the right people “in the right seats.” Organize roles for effective performance. Practices need to appoint coordinators who are responsible for the four key practice areas: clinical, communications, lab, and finances. Smaller practices may combine areas as necessary. GOOD TO GREAT IDEAL #4: Requires confronting the brutal facts about oneself and the practice without blame...and without losing hope! You cannot lead others until you first look in the mirror and change or rise above your own weaknesses. The mirrors for one’s personal behavior are the trusted people surrounding him or her. The mirrors for the practice are statistics. Measurements are the key to improvement. GOOD TO GREAT IDEAL #5: Requires the right direction with a single-minded focus and a team dedicated to outstanding service. When orthodontists deliver the finest quality care to our customers, their happiness shouts our praises to their dentist, family, and friends. What are you deeply passionate about? In the orthodontic practice, marketing is a task for every staff member, all day, every day. The entire practice should be geared to do only one thing really well: create happy, satisfied customers who refer their friends. The orthodontic team should brainstorm ideas in order to create “wow service” at the new patient visit, at treatment visits, in patient cooperation, and when handling difficult guests. GOOD TO GREAT IDEAL #1: Requires a leader infected with an incurable need for excellence and sustained results. This principle emphasizes steadfast discipline over the “quick fix.” The leader does not necessarily have to be the doctor. For example, the front office manager or treatment coordinator could function in this role. GOOD TO GREAT IDEAL #2: Requires the right people “on the bus.” The right people are a practices’ most important asset. Hard-working, talented, coachable, self-disciplined and invested people are GOOD TO GREAT IDEAL #6: Requires solid orthodontic systems that produce consistent results, allowing the practice to grow. Systems are 34 PCSO Bulletin • SuMMeR 2012

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