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AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF ORTHODONTISTS FOUNDATION ASSOCI ASSOCIATION F THE AAO FOUNDATION AWARDS REPORT CONTINUED COMMITMENT TO THE SPECIALTY® academics. Orthodontic education will benefit directly from this initiative because severe shortages of qualified orthodontic educators exist today. We can ill-afford to lose any of them. In the past, efforts—mainly by the AAOF— to address this crisis have primarily focused on faculty development grants and postdoctoral fellowships, but other more innovative approaches need to be tried. Methods to guide junior orthodontic faculty through the multiple challenges they face in developing their careers have not been explored in any systematic way. In the absence of such timely mentoring, talented and motivated young orthodontists often leave promising academic careers. This planning grant brings together 11 co-investigators from all areas of the country, with extensive experience in orthodontic education and considerable success in developing junior faculty. During the year, this group will: identify issues related to career success in orthodontic education, write a document that would serve as a manual of procedures articulating process for a mentoring network, and establish leadership for the network. For the next round of funding, the Board budgeted support for the Collections Project, an additional $600,000 for further development of the two Education Innovation Award initiatives, if progress warrants, and support for junior faculty through Orthodontic Faculty Development Fellowship Awards, Post-doctoral Fellowship Awards, Biomedical Research Awards and Research Aid Awards. 2013 Awards Materials are expected to be available on the Foundation Web site by the first of July, if not sooner, and the deadline for proposals is Friday, December 14. A At the February meeting of the Foundation Board of Directors, Sheldon Baumrind (PCSO/ CA), Chair of the Curators Committee and 2012 Annual Session Salzmann Lecturer, presented an update on the AAO Foundation Craniofacial Growth Legacy Collections Project (www. The effort to fund this unprecedented undertaking, the Legacy 300 Campaign, was completed ahead of schedule late last year, and PCSO members supported the project more than those from any other AAO Constituent. In addition to continued support for the Collections Project, the Board approved a total of eight Biomedical Research Awards, 16 Orthodontic Faculty Development Fellowship Awards and two Education Innovation Award Planning Grants, for a total of $540,000 in 2012 awards. Of those 26 proposals funded, six were from the PCSO, including an EIA Planning Grant submitted by Greg King (PCSO/WA), who will act as principal investigator. The synopsis for this proposal is already on the Foundation web site (http://www. AbouttheAAOFAwardsProgram.aspx), and an excerpt is as follows: This educational initiative award is aimed at planning for a nationwide mentoring network that would match junior orthodontic faculty with seasoned orthodontic educators. This planning grant will establish infrastructure designed to identify promising young orthodontic educators and to provide them with effective mentoring that is specific to their career goals with the object of increasing the likelihood they will succeed in their careers and hence, remain in T • • he choice is yours when it comes to making a Continued Commitment to the Specialty® in support of the AAO Foundation. You may: Make a restricted gift to the Foundation’s endowment Make an unrestricted gift, which would allow the Foundation Board of Directors the flexibility to use your support to fulfill the mission of the organization at their discretion. Fulfillment options include: • Pledging at a certain level, whether a new, first-time pledge or a pledge increase. Joining the Century Club by making an open-ended, ongoing commitment of a minimum of $100 per month, either by bank authorization or credit card. Committing to include the AAOF in your estate plans, thereby becoming a member of the Keystone Society. • • See the AAOF Web site ( for more details about how you can make a Continued Commitment to the Specialty®. FOR MORE INFORMATION The AAO Foundation Web site may be reached either through the AAO Members Web site ( or directly at If you should have any questions, please call Robert Hazel, AAO Foundation EVP, at (800) 424-2841, ext. 546 (, or contact me at your convenience. —Thomas Bales, PCSO Representative to the AAO Foundation Board of Directors S 6 PCSO BuLLETIN • SuMMER 2012

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