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pcso business trUstee report SUMMER 2012 By Dr. Robert Varner, AAO Trustee he Board of Trustees (BOT) recently met in St. Louis for the regularly scheduled late summer board meeting. Below is a summary of the board’s actions: INTERNATIONAL NEEDS ASSESSMENT The AAO has just completed an international membership needs assessment survey. The AAO launched a recruitment/retention plan five years ago, which has resulted in a 14% increase in international membership over that time. International members represent 18% of the total membership of the AAO, 14.5 % of its total membership dues and 4.5% of its total revenue. The BOT scanned the data presented and as a result, a task force was formed to review potential next steps. T to develop draft guidelines for clinical practice use. The BOT decided to ask for comments from our members, and an AAO Task Force was asked to review the draft document and make a recommendation to the BOT. Taking into consideration all Task Force and member input, the BOT has decided to thank the task force for its work, but not to adopt the draft guidelines document as part of AAO’s Clinical Practice Guidelines. OBESITY AND BULLYING A board member suggested that the AAO may wish to develop materials for members addressing Dr. Varner obesity and bullying issues as they relate to working with children. The AAO will address this issue by working with healthcare organizations that focus on children’s issues, with the goal of providing educational materials for members as well as for public relations efforts. CLINICAL GUIDELINES After the CBCT scan discussion as well as other related practice issues, the BOT formed a committee to review the future intent and purpose of the existing AAO Clinical Guidelines. This committee will report back to the BOT in February 2013. HOD 44-12H REVIEW AAO GOVERNANCE In response to the HOD, the BOT has appointed a committee to develop a Request for Proposal to identify a consultant to work with the AAO to address governance questions posted by the HOD. The proposals, recommendations and costs will be presented to delegates by February 15, 2013. YOUNG LEADERS IN ORTHODONTICS CREDIT UNION UPDATE Per the HOD mandate, the Credit Union Committee met with the newly hired consultant on September 12. The consultant will be reviewing the feasibility of an AAO Credit Union and a report and recommendation will be provided to the 2013 AAO House of Delegates. Many applications were received from members wishing to attend the AAO Young Leaders in Orthodontics Conference. A list of PCSO members attending will be provided to the PCSO board so that those needing to recruit volunteer leaders will have a new pool from which to draw. AJO-DO AAO VISION STATEMENT AND STRATEGIC PLAN The BOT held its planning session this past July. As a result, a new vision statement as well as strategic direction will be forwarded to the AAO Strategic Planning Committee. Any updates will be submitted to the 2013 AAO House of Delegates for review. At the request Dr. Vince Kokich, the BOT approved Dr. Wayne Watson as Editor Emeritus of the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics. Dr. Watson was the fourth editor of the AJO-DO. CBCT PROPOSED GUIDELINES Stemming from public concern and negative press about CBCT scans and dentistry, the AAO was asked and agreed to work with the AAOMR group 12 PCSO BULLETIN • WINTER 2012

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Incremental Change
What a Time it Was!
AAO Trustee's Report
A need, A dream, A reality: A team approach produces an extraordinary outcome
PRECEDENT Orthodontists on Devices
The Complexities of Successful Herbst Treatment
Dr. Bryan Williams
Presentation Software
Treatment Planning: The Magic Step
Comprehensive Mixed Dentition Approach
Social Media 101 for Orthodontists
Update on Bonding 2012
Create the Future by Looking Back: 100 Years of PCSO
PCSO Business
Component Reports
AAOF Report
PCSO at a Glance
Case Report Pre-Treatment
Case Report Post-Treatment
In Memory

Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Bulletin Winter 2012