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A need, A dreAm, A reAlity: A team approach produces an extraordinary outcome W ith this issue of the PCSO Bulletin, we begin the ‘Orthodontic Office Design Showcase’ series. We invite contributions from PCSO members who have an interesting office environment, and would like to share photos and the story with readers. Please contact me at I am Dr. Lesley Williams, an experienced orthodontic specialist who recently made a dramatic mid-career change. In addition to presiding as the president of PCSO and serving as the Chief Examiner for Orthodontics for the Royal College of Dentists of Canada, I departed from a long-term practice partnership in search of a renewed passion for what I consider to be an extraordinary profession. I moved into a small, underutilized dental office in a new and thriving nearby neighborhood. Much to my delight, my patients followed, and I suddenly needed to upgrade my temporary space and make plans for a better space. The temporary space was small but well designed, and the décor was appealing. I decided to work with the original designer, Linda Sale. While we worked on the minor upgrades required for me to function as an orthodontist in a small space, I went in search of a physical space that would adequately house my growing specialty orthodontic practice. Elkay Developments was about to build the Grandview Business Centre, a 65,000 sq. ft. commercial building and a first for South Surrey, British Columbia. The building was beautiful and well situated in the booming Grandview area of South Surrey. Linda and I reviewed the building plans, I acquired the space, and we began to design what was to become a new home for South Surrey Smiles Orthodontic Specialists. In the early design stage, I expressed my vision for the space. I wanted the environment to be playful, colorful and sophisticated. It needed to appeal to my patient demographic (ages 7 to 70); it needed to accommodate the logistical demands of a busy orthodontic practice; it needed to be a space for my patients and patient families to enjoy; and it needed to be a great place in which to work. Linda’s flair, design expertise, and experience in the dental industry were invaluable. Combined with my professional experience and my vision, Linda and I were a great match. We collaborated with a senior orthodontic practice management consultant, Karen Moawad, who helped us tie the business model to the functional design of the space. Karen insisted on a 20-seat boardroom, which has morphed into an entertaining space, a continuing education facility, and a meeting room. Each afternoon our boardroom becomes a 3-D movie theatre Reception area in new office 18 PCSO BULLETIN • WINTER 2012

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Incremental Change
What a Time it Was!
AAO Trustee's Report
A need, A dream, A reality: A team approach produces an extraordinary outcome
PRECEDENT Orthodontists on Devices
The Complexities of Successful Herbst Treatment
Dr. Bryan Williams
Presentation Software
Treatment Planning: The Magic Step
Comprehensive Mixed Dentition Approach
Social Media 101 for Orthodontists
Update on Bonding 2012
Create the Future by Looking Back: 100 Years of PCSO
PCSO Business
Component Reports
AAOF Report
PCSO at a Glance
Case Report Pre-Treatment
Case Report Post-Treatment
In Memory

Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Bulletin Winter 2012