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Case Report Pre-TreaTmenT PROFILE RELAXED RELAXED SMILING How would you treat this malocclusion? his 24-year, 10-month-old female with a high angle open bite presents with the chief complaint, “I want to straighten my teeth and possibly fix my jaw alignment.” She has a non-contributory health history. Although she wants orthodontic treatment to straighten her teeth, she is leery of orthognathic surgery. T Case E.B. 24 years, 10 months normal limits (2 to 3mm). TMJ evaluation reveals mild bilateral pain on palpation of the joints, but no other significant findings. INTRA-ORAL AND MODEL FINDINGS The patient has a 6.5mm anterior open bite extending all the way back to her only centric stops on the distal EXTRAORAL FINDINGS of the first and second molars. The molar relationship The patient INITIAL RIGHT BUCCAL an increased lower INITIAL is 2.5mm class II, with the canines around 4mm class is dolicofacial, with FRONTAL INITIAL LEFT BUCCAL II, and an excessive overjet (12mm). The upper arch facial height and a slight chin point deviation to the is narrow (IMW = 31mm), and tapering juxtaposed left. In profile, she appears maxillary and mandibular against a broad lower arch, resulting in bilateral deficient. She is lip incompetent, with severe mentalis posterior cross-bite in all but the second molars and strain even with partial lip closure. She has a short distal of the right first molars. The lower arch has a upper lip (18mm), excessive interlabial gap in repose mild curve of Spee and the upper arch has an accentu(10 to 11mm), and excessive incision stomion (7 to ated curve of Spee. Both arches have a moderate level 8mm). However, with the patient’s excessive upper of crowding, and the lower canines have approximately curve of Spee, the gingival display on smile is within WINTER 2012 • PCSO BULLETIN 29

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Incremental Change
What a Time it Was!
AAO Trustee's Report
A need, A dream, A reality: A team approach produces an extraordinary outcome
PRECEDENT Orthodontists on Devices
The Complexities of Successful Herbst Treatment
Dr. Bryan Williams
Presentation Software
Treatment Planning: The Magic Step
Comprehensive Mixed Dentition Approach
Social Media 101 for Orthodontists
Update on Bonding 2012
Create the Future by Looking Back: 100 Years of PCSO
PCSO Business
Component Reports
AAOF Report
PCSO at a Glance
Case Report Pre-Treatment
Case Report Post-Treatment
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