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Portrait of a Professional and personal dedication has been recognized by the University of Western Ontario with the Alumni of Distinction Award in 2008 and the Washington State Society of Orthodontists Distinguished Service Award in 2010. Bryan’s career is impressive because he has maintained full involvement and credibility in orthodontics and pediatric dentistry, and continued his interest and involvement in helping children with special needs, especially those with craniofacial anomalies. He has served on over 100 committees, boards and task forces and in other leadership positions in all three areas. He and Ellen currently support the local dental foundation that provides dental care for the underserved in their community; Bryan designed, manages and teaches an educational program aimed at increasing the skill set for dentists who practice in nonprofit community clinics. Dr. Williams is a great leader in the PCSO, and I am very pleased that he is now president. He joined the AAO as a student in 1976, and became a member first with the Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists and since 1991 with PCSO. By the mid-1990s, he was active in leadership with the Washington State Society of Orthodontists and also began his initial involvement in PCSO leadership on the Budget and Finance Committee and the CE Committee with his classmate, Stan Hall. I asked Dr. Williams for advice for young PCSO members. He answered in bullet points: ∑ Let there never develop within you a sense that your knowledge is complete. Aggressively pursue your learning throughout your lifetime. ∑ Recognize the value of participation toward the greater good. You always receive a lot of personal fulfillment and growth. ∑ Give back to those who helped you achieve. None of us can do it alone. S “This is why I love the Pacific Northwest. This is the view from our backyard.” WINTER 2012 • PCSO BULLETIN 37

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Bulletin Winter 2012

Incremental Change
What a Time it Was!
AAO Trustee's Report
A need, A dream, A reality: A team approach produces an extraordinary outcome
PRECEDENT Orthodontists on Devices
The Complexities of Successful Herbst Treatment
Dr. Bryan Williams
Presentation Software
Treatment Planning: The Magic Step
Comprehensive Mixed Dentition Approach
Social Media 101 for Orthodontists
Update on Bonding 2012
Create the Future by Looking Back: 100 Years of PCSO
PCSO Business
Component Reports
AAOF Report
PCSO at a Glance
Case Report Pre-Treatment
Case Report Post-Treatment
In Memory

Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Bulletin Winter 2012