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Case Report Pre-TreaTmenT PROFILE RELAXED RELAXED SMILING How would you treat this malocclusion? Case E.P. 13 years, 5 months INTRODUCTION A 13-year-old Caucasian male presents with a chief complaint of crowding and crooked teeth. His growth and development were not monitored. There is no mention of premature extractions due to decay or ectopic eruption. DIAGNOSIS AND ETIOLOGY EXTRAORAL The patient presents with balanced facial proportions and ideal lip support. There is slight mentalis strain on lip closure. He displays 4 to 5mm of gingival tissue when smiling. No TMD symptoms are reported, and he displays a normal mandibular range of motion. There is slight mandibular asymmetry to the right. INTRAORAL A class II division 2 subdivision right is noted. The maxillary left cuspid is erupting high and labial. The SPRING 2013 • PCSO BULLETIN maxillary midline is 1mm to the left of the facial midline and the mandibular is 2mm to the right. There is mild to moderate crowding in the maxillary arch, and the mandibular arch has adequate archlength. There is excessive overbite (75%) and 1mm overjet. The maxillary right central incisor has suffered attrition and is reduced in length. The maxillary anterior gingival margins are irregular. There is excess buccal overjet on the right and left posterior segments. However, the width of the maxilla is ideal. Enamel hypoplasia is noted in all first molars. RADIOGRAPHIC The panoramic radiograph is within normal limits and the cephalometric analysis reveals a protrusive maxilla and large mandible measurement from Gonion to Gnathion (+10mm). ANS to Menton is excessive, but is balanced by the patient’s large ramus. This helps balance the anterior to posterior facial heights. The maxillary incisors are retroclined, and the mandibular incisors are in ideal position. 17

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Dental Ethics
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Plan for Ongoing Success
AAO Trustee's Report
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PCSO at a Glance
Dr. Terry McDonald Interviews Dr. Harry (Hap) Doughterty, Jr.
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Dr. John Ive
3-D Image-Aided Treatment of Impacted and Transposed Teeth
Controversies in Orthodontics
DIY Technology Upgrades on a DIY Budget
Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontic (AOO) System -- Physiological Benefits and Increased Range of Movement
Case Report Post-Treatment
Pearls from Idaho: Holding 3-3 Retainers While Bonding

Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Bulletin Spring 2013