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SUMMARIES ANNUAL SESSION DIY TECHNOLOGY UPGRADES ON A DIY BUDGET Presented by Steven P. McEvoy at the PSCO Annual Session, October 7, 2012. Summarized by Dr. Bruce P. Hawley, PCSO Bulletin Northern Region Editor. K eeping your office network up-to-date in today’s tough economic climate can be challenging. If you are opening a practice at this time, you might want to review the latest technologies, take a value-minded approach, and leverage free services as much as possible. Mr. McEvoy describes useful technologies that can be implemented immediately. per year. Additional storage is around $50 per 100 GB, so with 500 GB of data (an amount easily reached with storage of CBCT data) this would cost $250 per month, or $3,000 per year. CLOUD BACKUP Hardware-based backup options include: Imagine if all of your personal computer data were to be lost, including family photos and videos, financial data, and important documents on a desktop computer or laptop. How many of us have a backup solution, and if so, how many are sure it is working and has everything covered? Mr. McEvoy recommends signing up for an Internet backup solution. For home users, it’s ridiculously inexpensive and fast, requiring only a few minutes to enroll and reconfigure. For $6 per month, www.Mozy. com serves one PC or Mac and covers 50 GB of storage. This amount of storage would likely cover virtually all of your personal information, unless you create a considerable amount of video files. It is easy to sign up; you can pay with a credit card, and you can add an additional PC or storage for a few dollars more per month. Another resource is; this service also backs up one PC or Mac, with unlimited storage, for $5 per month. These plans do not back up your applications; they only focus on your data. Remember that these personal plans are not for business use, as they will not install on a server. Business backup might not be appropriate for large amounts of data (due to cost), large amounts of daily change or a slow Internet connection (due to time requirements). In those scenarios, it may be appropriate to supplement with an image-based backup, as it can fill in what is missing and usually offers an extensive revision history. The cost is around $50 per month for less than 100 GB of storage, or an average of $600 or more SPRING 2013 • PCSO BULLETIN Mr. McEvoy • External hard drive (inexpensive—less than $120) • Tape drive (expensive—usually more than $500— and usually slow) • Portable hard drive (fast, connects via USB, and is cheap—usually less than $100) Using cloud backup is very slow. Why is this, when many of us have fast Internet connections? It is the upload speed that matters, and an Internet backup provider usually runs $50+ per month. Daily backups usually involve 6 to 8 GB of new or changed information. You can test your upload speed at Internet backup still needs to be encrypted, monitored, and validated, if only on account of HIPAA. Consider the time it would take to download all of your data after a crisis. Can the agent be scheduled for non-business hours and throttled not to use 100% of your bandwidth? Mr. McEvoy advises caution regarding proprietary backup solutions sold by your IT person. Consider the problems you may encounter if you end the association with that service provider, as you might be trapped in their solution. So, for home use, backup is a no-brainer—just purchase one and do it! For the office, it’s best to discuss it with an 31

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Dental Ethics
Save a Little and Invest a Lot
Plan for Ongoing Success
AAO Trustee's Report
PCSO Business
AAOF Report
Component Report
PCSO at a Glance
Dr. Terry McDonald Interviews Dr. Harry (Hap) Doughterty, Jr.
Case Report Pre-Treatment
Dr. John Ive
3-D Image-Aided Treatment of Impacted and Transposed Teeth
Controversies in Orthodontics
DIY Technology Upgrades on a DIY Budget
Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontic (AOO) System -- Physiological Benefits and Increased Range of Movement
Case Report Post-Treatment
Pearls from Idaho: Holding 3-3 Retainers While Bonding

Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Bulletin Spring 2013