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PRESIDENT ’ S MESSAGE “The key to success in such a fast-changing environment isn’t developing clairvoyance. It’s being open to numerous possibilities, having the discipline to experiment with conflicting strategies and moving quickly to embrace one of them when the direction of the market becomes clear.” —Steven Pearlstein, The Washington Post BY DR. BRYAN WILLIAMS, PCSO PRESIDENT I n his article, “In Tech World, Good to Great to — Gone?”, Steven Pearlstein highlights the dramatic successes and subsequent failures of several technology corporations. His premise is that these companies planned well to achieve success, but failed to plan for ongoing success in a dramatically changing market and environment. There are powerful lessons to be learned—not only for corporations, but for professional associations, including the PCSO. Over the past several years, PCSO leadership has focused energy and resources on activities to ensure that the organization brings value to its membership in the present, and as we move into the ever-changing environment of the future. I want to highlight some specific leadership activities that have been of exceptional benefit in assuring that PCSO continues to play a valuable role for its members. Every successful organization must understand the environment in which its members work, and the particular challenges to their success. In 2010, the PCSO Board of Directors appropriated funds for a Member Needs Survey. A consulting firm with extensive experience in association research was engaged. The results were exceptionally rich with information, and the findings from the survey have been the foundation of many ongoing initiatives directed by the board. The results of the survey were so valuable that they were shared with other constituent organizations, as well as with the AAO. We can be justifiably proud that PCSO is data-driven and that our initiatives have supported datadriven approaches for other orthodontic organizations. This approach is so important to the culture of PCSO that the board has recently authorized resources to repeat the survey in 2013. We are exceptionally fortunate that the same team has agreed to participate in designing and planning the 2013 Member Needs Survey. The questions will be designed to provide comparative data to quantify changes in member needs since the last survey, as well as to identify changes in the practice of orthodontics going forward. Some of the information from the 2010 Member Needs Survey provided details specific to the Annual Session, a key PCSO member benefit. Over the last few years, the Annual Session had been experiencing a gradual downturn in financial results. PCSO leadership realized that this threatened the viability of the organization. Using information from the 2010 Member Needs Survey, work by a specially appointed Annual Session Review Task Force, the 2012 Annual Meeting Planning Committee, and dedicated work by our administrative staff, a number of minor modifications were made to Dr. Williams the 2012 Annual Meeting in Monterey. These changes were designed to maintain the quality of the attendee experience while markedly improving the financial outcome of the meeting. With their enactment, the future security of your organization has been strengthened. As leaders, it is important that this careful attention to all aspects of the success of the Annual Session continues to be an inherent part of our culture. Another important focus in the long-term success of any organization is development of existing and future leaders. One key element in our leadership culture is that the president—your elected leader—and the executive director work closely together to guide and support the all-important mission of the PCSO. In order to foster this teamwork, the president-elect and the executive director attend an intense leadership development course sponsored by the American Society of Association Executives. As we discussed the plans for this activity during my president-elect year, we decided that significant value could be added if Jill and I attended a course called “Exceptional Boards: Strengthening the Leadership Team.” Because we are a member-driven organization with an active board of directors, the course was rich with useful information that could be applied immediately. In continuation of the focus on board development, President-Elect Ron Jawor and Jill will also attend the Exceptional Boards course. As an extension of this training, we are planning a full-day leadership development activity in March. The board has invited and is supporting attendees from the leaders of our component organizations. This not only strengthens the quality of leadership for our components, but it also increases the skill set for those individuals who will become PCSO’s future leaders. If we are effective, forward-thinking leaders, we must guarantee a pool of strong future leaders. Finally, I am happy to mention an accomplishment that signifies your organization’s commitment to the value of leadership. Jill Nowak, our executive director, recently successfully completed the process to become a Certified Association Executive (CAE). This marks the culmination of a long process involving coursework, other educational activities, and successful passing of a rigorous examination. Our congratulations go to Jill for this great accomplishment, which further reflects our culture of dedication to leadership development as PCSO moves into the future. I promise you that your leaders will continue to be completely dedicated to guiding PCSO from good, to great, to greater. S 6 PCSO BULLETIN • SPRING 2013

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Dental Ethics
Save a Little and Invest a Lot
Plan for Ongoing Success
AAO Trustee's Report
PCSO Business
AAOF Report
Component Report
PCSO at a Glance
Dr. Terry McDonald Interviews Dr. Harry (Hap) Doughterty, Jr.
Case Report Pre-Treatment
Dr. John Ive
3-D Image-Aided Treatment of Impacted and Transposed Teeth
Controversies in Orthodontics
DIY Technology Upgrades on a DIY Budget
Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontic (AOO) System -- Physiological Benefits and Increased Range of Movement
Case Report Post-Treatment
Pearls from Idaho: Holding 3-3 Retainers While Bonding

Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Bulletin Spring 2013