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Case Report Pre-TreaTmenT profile relaxed relaxed smiling How would you treat this malocclusion? Case J.M. 18 years, 3 months introduction A n 18-year-old male presents with the chief complaint, “I don’t like this tooth” (points to his upper right canine), “and I don’t like my bite because my teeth won’t come together.” Patient cooperation is expected to be high due to his calm and outgoing temperament. Medical history is noncontributory. He receives regular dental care, and has a minor restorative history. diAGnoSiS And EtioLoGY E xtraoral F indings The patient is dolichofacial, with an increased lower facial third, and a minor chin point deviation to the right. He has an apparent nasal obstruction and mouth breathing habit, which has contributed to his growth pattern and open bite. Upon smiling, he shows 80% maxillary incisor display, and a flat smile line, which is canted up to the right. In profile, he is convex and his maxillary incisor is slightly behind 20 soft tissue glabella, which indicates a bimaxillary retrusive growth pattern that is further supported by low SNA and SNB angles. He also maintains an upward facing head posture, which is consistent with a nasal breathing problem. There are no signs or symptoms of temporomandibular joint dysfunction. i ntraoral F indings A 4mm open bite is present, with only molar occlusion, and severe wear facets on all first and second molars. The patient has an Angle class III tendency molar relationship, with some overjet present. The maxillary arch is V-shaped, with 8mm of anterior crowding and a blocked-out right cuspid; the midline is deviated 2mm right, and it is 7mm narrower than the mandibular arch at the molars. The mandibular arch is round in shape, and has 3mm of crowding. Both upper and lower curves of Spee are mild. All third molars are present and erupting. Hygiene is fair, with mild plaque accumulation, but no periodontal pockets greater than 3mm. PCSO Bulletin • FALL 2013

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Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Bulletin Fall 2013