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Submitted by the University of British Columbia Graduate Orthodontic Class of 2013: Melanie Mattson, Reza Aran and Asef Karim, and Clinic Director David Kennedy Earl’s Pearls Edited by Dr. Earl S. Johnson ElasTIC WEar TIPs T ips for improving patient compliance with elastic wear during orthodontic treatment: Have patient take a picture on his or her smartphone as a reminder of where elastics are to be worn (Figure 1). Patients who continue to struggle with compliance can download an electronic elastic reminder app to a smartphone—for example, Rubber Band Reminder from I Am Thinking, $1.99 in App Store (Figure 2). Draw elastic configurations directly on an elastic bag; write how long elastics are to be worn each day (e.g., 24/7) (Figure 3). Provide extra bags of elastics (for sports bag, lunch bag, car, etc.) and give separate bags for mom’s and dad’s houses, if the patient’s parents are divorced. Measure progress with a perio probe (convenient sterilizable ruler) at every appointment. No change means the elastics have not been worn enough. Don’t argue about the number of hours worn. Take regular progress photos, which will allow the orthodontist to monitor the success of elastics. Figure 1. Photo of elastics in place When elastics are started, explain to the parent and patient how they work, and the expectations for wear. When elastics are removed to eat, the patient should place them around the pinkie finger; then he or she will not forget to put them back on after eating. Figure 2. Rubber Band Reminder app S Figure 3. Instructions for elastic wear 34 PCSO Bulletin • FAll 2013

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Class II, Division 2 Malocclusions, Part II
Dr. Terry McDonald Interviews Dr. Douglas Klein
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Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Bulletin Fall 2013