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pREsIDEnT ’ s mEssAgE By Dr. Bryan Williams, PCSO President ... stronger, more efficient, more focused ... Dr. Williams Each year we become a stronger, more efficient and more focused organization, and my goal is to continue on that path.” —B. W., PCSO Bulletin, Winter 2012 T he quote above was from my first President’s Message, which focused on the value of incremental change in an organization. Now I approach my last president’s message with an element of disbelief that the year has gone by so quickly, but also great anticipation that the PCSO continues a path of incremental change that assures a bright future of service for our members. The PCSO benefits from a significant number of members who dedicate time, expertise, and incredible passion for active participation in our committees, councils, and task forces. The basic operations of the PCSO involve the work of at least 10 standing committees and at any given time there are additional ad hoc committees and task forces that are focused on analysis and solutions for specific issues of major importance. As you know, we interface regularly with the AAO and our state component organizations. Each of the nine AAO councils has a representative from the PCSO and there are a number of members involved on other committees and task forces at the AAO level. We also have directors and representatives on the AAO/PAC, ABO and AAOF. I wish I had the space to name each of the PCSO representatives who bring such value to these positions. Reflecting back on my presidential year there are several notable highlights and I would be remiss if I didn’t provide a short summary for the membership. First, at the meeting in Monterey, after a lengthy process, the board selected Dr. Norm Nagle as our new trustee to the AAO Board of Trustees and Norm officially moved into this position at the AAO meeting in May of this year. We look forward to his strong representation and sage guidance. Our past trustee, Dr. Robert Varner, has moved up to become an officer of the AAO and will be president in 2015. Norm’s selection as trustee left his position as delegation chair open and the PCSO was indeed fortunate to have that position taken by Dr. Ron Wolk who is a past president and our current representative to the AAO Council on Membership. Dr. Wolk skillfully led the delegation at the May AAO House of Delegates meeting. The PCSO continues to FALL 2013 • PCSO BuLLetin have an extremely effective delegation and this reflects well on its leadership and our dedicated delegates. Ron also agreed to chair our Bylaws Committee. During the year, after careful searches, the board selected representatives for three AAO Councils: Dr. Maria Orellana for the Council on Orthodontic Health Care, Dr. Blair Struble for the Council on New and Younger Members, and Dr. David Covell for the Council on Scientific Affairs. Over the year there have been some specific activities that should be highlighted. The PCSO has always been conscious of and responsive to the needs of our members. In 2010, we completed a Member Needs Assessment, which provided rich data that has helped to shape our programs and has also been shared with other constituent organizations, constituents and the AAO. Our board of directors has charged us with repeating this survey every three years and Past President Rob Merrill is leading the 2013 Member Needs Survey Team. Analysis of the information gathered continues, but you can review some of the findings in this issue of the Bulletin (see PCSO Business section). In the interest of being certain that our mission continues to be germane in light of current membership and environmental realities, President-Elect Ron Jawor chaired the PCSO Mission Review Task Force, which found that our mission continues to be appropriate. Your leadership is committed to reviewing this on a periodic basis. The Communications Review Task Force presented its final report at the Ad Interim Board Meeting in March. This was an extensive and intensive review of all aspects of our communications, led by Past President Lili Horton. The board reviewed and passed a number of motions which will result in continuing evolution of our communications to have content and media which is in synch with our members. In fact, the electronic format of the Bulletin you are currently reading is one result of the work of the CRTF in conjunction with the Communications Committee. 5

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An Editor's Journey
A Sense of Belonging
To Meet Member Needs, You Have to Know Members
Stronger, More Efficient, More Focused
Service Behavior
Class II, Division 2 Malocclusions, Part II
Dr. Terry McDonald Interviews Dr. Douglas Klein
Mark Douglas, DDS
Vincent G. Kokich, Sr., DDS, MSD
Elastic Wear Tips
PCSO Business
PCSO at a Glance
Case Report Pre-Treatment
Case Report Post-Treatment

Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Bulletin Fall 2013