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NEW AND YOUNGER MEMBERS FILE RESIDENT SPOTLIGHT The Class of 2014, first day in the clinic. Left to right: Drs. Owtad, Rajyaguru, Gardiner, Prince, Surgill. This column is for our PCSO residents or New/ Younger Members, who are encouraged to submit manuscripts about their residency, personal, or professional life. I hope this column will instill loyalty to organized orthodontics in our residents and newer members and that they will join PCSO or some another constituent society. Dr. Vanessa Browne,, will be in charge of this column. - Ed. I asked Dr. Payam Owtad, an AAO student member and PCSO resident representative at the Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health (ASDOH) postgraduate orthodontic program, to share some highlights about his life as a resident. VB: Why did you apply to the orthodontic program? PO: I grew up playing music, which gave me an appreciation for beauty, balance, and harmony. While attending dental school, I found that creating beautiful smiles with orthodontics is in many ways similar to creating beautiful compositions with musical instruments; this similarity is in part what attracts me to orthodontics. Following this passion, I studied in Iran, Australia, and the United States, which has been the center of my focus and desire since I was 20 years old. Dr. Owtad A.T. Still University, Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health Postgraduate Orthodontic Program By Vanessa Browne, DDS VB: Tell me about your orthodontic residency program. PO: My co-residents and I really feel fortunate to be working with Dr. Jae Hyun Park (chair/program director), Dr. Michael Papademetriou (clinical director), the orthodontic department's outstanding adjunct faculties, and the great staff. The school provides us with a very professional and convivial educational environment, along with a deep exposure to orthodontics that isn't just rooted in the fundamentals of orthodontics and conventional orthodontic methods, but extends beyond to include exposure to the latest technological advancements in clinical orthodontics and unique surgical cases. These include a variety of the most recent conventional and self-ligating bracket systems, lingual orthodontics (Incognito, Harmony), and digital orthodontics such as OrthoCAD, SureSmile, Insignia, Orapix, and Invisalign. In addition, each resident has to perform research - which for me involves a double-blinded randomized clinical trial that focuses on the effects of low-level laser therapy on orthodontic tooth movements and associated pain. I was also involved as an author in publishing three peer-reviewed scientific and clinical articles during my first year of residency, in addition to two other papers that are currently under review. Our program strongly supports our research projects and encourages us to perform high-quality clinical studies and to be involved in public health services. VB: What are some highlights of your residency? PO: There are many highlights of my residency. Some of the most memorable events were traveling to orthodontic gatherings and meetings such as GORP, 16 P C S O B U L L E T I N * S P R I N G 2 0 1 4

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A Magical, Spooky, International, Educational Time in Anaheim
New Columns
View From The Top: President’s Perspective
AAO Council on Scientific Affairs (COSA) Report
AAO Trustee Report
ABO Update
How To Save a PCSO Bulletin Article as a .PDF File
The Importance of Healing
Incoming and Outgoing Radiographs
Resident Spotlight: A.T. Still University, Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health Postgraduate Orthodontic Program
Use of the XBOW™ Appliance Vs. the FORSUS™ Appliance for Class II Correction
Advanced Research Avenues at the Roseman University of Health Sciences Orthodontic Program
Dr. Gerald Nelson
The Interdisciplinary Team: Managing Patients with Impacted or Ectopically Positioned Teeth
Miniplate Anchorage for Midface Protraction in Class III Patients and Molar Distalization in Class II Malocclusions
Achieving Financial Independence: A New and Younger Members Featured Lecture
The Role of Orthodontics in Trauma Management
Converting a Tube

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