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PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE By Dr. Ronald Jawor, PCSO President 2013 - 2014 THE VIEW FROM THE TOP: A PRESIDENT'S PERSPECTIVE Dr. Jawor B ecoming the president of an organization of PCSO's stature is an extraordinary honor, but it comes with its challenges and trepidations. Every step of the journey, from board and volunteer service, to finally becoming a member of the Executive Committee, to serving as a chairperson is a true learning experience. With each new position comes new responsibilities and further insight into the inner workings of the organization, as well as new knowledge and the management skills necessary to be successful. Before being handed the gavel in San Diego last October, I'd wondered, "What's the real view from the top?" Well, now I can tell you firsthand that the view is even more outstanding, and even spectacular, than I believed possible You might think "spectacular" is too strong a word. True, we are not an international organization ─ or even a national one. True, we are not a new organization ─ the type that pops up occasionally with a brilliant and new, albeit short-lived, message. But PCSO has been around for 102 years, and with that history has evolved an amazing culture of accomplishment that remains alive and well today. It would be impossible to list all of the many volunteer efforts currently underway, but I'd like to share some of them. In short, PCSO is dedicated to providing educational opportunities, information, and benefits for its members through its many strategically charged committees and task forces. Here are just a few examples of these groups: * The New and Younger Member Committee is chaired by Dr. Aaron Molen. Populated by some of the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic young orthodontists and residents in our region, this committee addresses issues facing those new to our specialty and identifies ways in which PCSO can support them as they transition from their orthodontic program to active practice. * The Member Needs Assessment Task Force is chaired by PCSO Past President Dr. Rob Merrill and involves many current and past PCSO board members. The group convenes periodically to survey our members and listen to their comments. This task force then makes recommendations to the PCSO board as to how programs and benefits can be tailored to better meet member needs. * The Nominating Committee is chaired by immediate Past President Dr. Bryan Williams. Dr. Williams serves along with other past presidents and Dr. Norman Nagel, who is the trustee to the AAO. This group identifies future PCSO leaders and recommends them to its members. It is great to have these seasoned individuals looking out for the future of PCSO, and future officers are sure to respond in kind. There are many other volunteers serving PCSO. The Critical Issues Task Force is a blast furnace of creativity; this think tank of more than 20 astute volunteers works to address the biggest issues facing the specialty of orthodontics on the West Coast. The Annual Session Planning Committees begin their work more than two years before each meeting to find the best topics and lectures and plan for space and equipment to ensure a quality experience for attendees. This year's General Chair, PCSO Past President Dr. Lili Horton, will attest to the fact that planning such a large meeting and pulling it off without a hitch is very demanding. When she hands the baton to Dr. Tom Merrill, the General Chair for 2015, it will be a bittersweet moment, and one with a great sense of accomplishment that will be shared by all. Thanks to the efforts of the board and the Annual Session Planning Committees, PCSO Annual Sessions are highly successful by many standards. Attendance in the past few years has been strong, and the trend is positive. Both 4 P C S O B U L L E T I N * S P R I N G 2 0 1 4

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The Role of Orthodontics in Trauma Management
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