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PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE staff and doctor lectures are highly rated, and PCSO has maintained very high standards for speakers. Attendance from outside the PCSO region is growing, and many residents attend each year. After a few years of negative financial results, the meeting has come in on budget the past few years and is on strong financial ground. The percentage of PCSO expenditures for administration has fallen during the past several years, while the quality of our support has continued to be high. Our staff is very cost-conscious and helps the board to consider where money can be spent to leverage member benefits. One example is PCSO's use of technology to get information to members ─ from the online PCSO Bulletin, to the new PCSO mobile app, to PCSO's first e-book of Earl's Pearls. PCSO has invested in engaging members 24/7 in an important way. Beyond the borders of our region, PCSO continues to be a strong national voice. Earlier this year, nearly 20 young PCSO members and residents were invited to the AAO Leadership Conference, where they learned how they could support the specialty and shared their ideas about how to keep orthodontics strong in these changing times. As I write this, several PCSO members, including Past Presidents Dr. Howard Hunt and Dr. Rob Merrill, are in Washington, D.C. at the AAO's Advocacy Conference and meeting with the board of the AAO PAC and Council on Governmental Affairs. Many other PCSO leaders are representatives to AAO councils or task forces. This year, the AAO convened a very important task force to review the governance of AAO and its constituent organizations. PCSO President Elect Dr. Frank Beglin devoted considerable time and thought as a key member of this task force. In addition to the work of PCSO Council Representatives, the AAO Delegation ─ chaired by PCSO Past President Dr. Ron Wolk ─ participates in the annual AAO House of Delegates, which is the primary governing body of the AAO. Thus, PCSO delegates are the voice of our components to the proceedings of the House. Their work each year truly influences organized orthodontics at its very roots by tending to bylaws and policies, setting membership standards and dues, and overseeing AAO programs to ensure they remain relevant and cost-effective for all AAO members. As you can see, the list is long, and I've just scratched the surface! Our leaders are committed and the PCSO network is extensive. A PCSO member can get his or her idea to the board, to the AAO, or to the component organization with little effort. And while I have the title of president, I have the honor of being able to facilitate the interweaving of these many ideas and initiatives into a vibrant organizational fabric focused on the mission of bringing quality education and information to its members, while serving those members at the highest possible level. Now, perhaps you can see why I feel that "spectacular" is exactly the right word from my new perspective as PCSO president! S S P R I N G 2 0 1 4 * P C S O B U L L E T I N 5

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A Magical, Spooky, International, Educational Time in Anaheim
New Columns
View From The Top: President’s Perspective
AAO Council on Scientific Affairs (COSA) Report
AAO Trustee Report
ABO Update
How To Save a PCSO Bulletin Article as a .PDF File
The Importance of Healing
Incoming and Outgoing Radiographs
Resident Spotlight: A.T. Still University, Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health Postgraduate Orthodontic Program
Use of the XBOW™ Appliance Vs. the FORSUS™ Appliance for Class II Correction
Advanced Research Avenues at the Roseman University of Health Sciences Orthodontic Program
Dr. Gerald Nelson
The Interdisciplinary Team: Managing Patients with Impacted or Ectopically Positioned Teeth
Miniplate Anchorage for Midface Protraction in Class III Patients and Molar Distalization in Class II Malocclusions
Achieving Financial Independence: A New and Younger Members Featured Lecture
The Role of Orthodontics in Trauma Management
Converting a Tube

Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Bulletin Spring 2014