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pcso business UPDATE ON THE AMERICAN BOARD OF ORTHODONTICS C ongratulations to the following PCSO orthodontists who became certified or recertified at the June and November 2013 Clinical Examinations in St. Louis, Missouri: Jacklyn Kurth, James Lee, Perry Ormiston, Vahid Babaeian, Brian Rosenzweig, Vivian Chui, Martin Dr. Dugoni Schellinck, Thao Nguyen, Sarah Yoon, Tal Masserman, Khaled Abul Sharaf, Behzad Nejat, Brendan O'Neill, Kashif Ismail, Reena Khullar, Alexander Nee, James Chen, Amy Gimlen, Corey Corpodian, Matthew Hillstead, William Yao, Jacob DaBell, Eshan Karimian, Kimberley Wiu, Courtney Ray, Michael Hawkins, Ryan McComb, Thuan Le, Mehrnaz Tajaddod, Desy Wilson, Benjamin McDowell, Tracy Hagan, Hedi Kermani, John Hintz, Hillel Well, Virginia Hong Kim, Camille Walker, Adam Welmerink, Justin Ward, Jennifer Ashmore, Andrew Summers, Jeffery Schaefer, Sheldon Salins, Donal Flanagan, and Sophia Updike. PCSO orthodontists Bradford Baker, David Lee, Charles Low, and Reid Winkler were selected to show their ABO cases at the AAO meeting in Philadelphia last year. At this year's AAO meeting in New Orleans, the following PCSO orthodontists have been invited to show cases: Benjamin McDowell, John Hintz, Justin Ward, Alexander Nee, and William Yao. Congratulations to all for being selected by the ABO to display their cases at the AAO meeting. The ABO applauds the residents attending programs within the PCSO constituent who have registered for the ABO Written Examination being held April 8-11 at the Pearson Vue Testing Centers. The ABO urges orthodontic residents to complete the board-certification process by taking the Initial Certification Examination (ICE). Orthodontic residents are encouraged to register for the ICE soon after passing the ABO Written Examination, as Clinical Examination sessions fill quickly. Orthodontic residents must register for the Written Examination before they may register for the ICE. Registration is open for the August 2014 Clinical Examination. Space is limited, and exam sessions may close prior to the registration deadline. The ABO would like to remind future candidates that we accept universal digital formats for pretreatment and interim models that are constructed according to ABO standards and specifications. These files must pass the ABO Utility in order to be used for the Clinical Examination. Please review the ABO Digital Model Requirements on the ABO website before submitting digital models. Be sure to test your digital models as soon as possible to make sure they pass the ABO Utility; if they do not pass the ABO Utility, please contact your vendor. All vendors received the ABO specifications in January 2013. The ABO is hosting a conference for department chairs and program directors (or any two faculty members from each ADA-Accredited Graduate Orthodontic Program in the United States and Canada), along with ABO-appointed advocates, to attend the Vincent G. Kokich - American Board of Orthodontics Educators' Symposium on March 29, 2014 in St. Louis. Topics to be covered will include the Written and Clinical Examinations, ABO certification and recertification, ethical issues related to the ABO examinations, the value of Diplomate status, and promoting certification throughout the world. If you have any questions regarding the American Board of Orthodontics, please send me an email at - Steven Dugoni, Director, American Board of Orthodontics S Members in the News Dr. Lili Horton Dr. Horton 8 (Honolulu, HI), former PCSO president, is now president of the Hawaii Dental Association (installed Nov. 23, 2013, at the 111th Annual Session of the House of Delegates). She was also inducted as a fellow of the International College of Dentists in November 2013, in New Orleans, LA. Dr. Greg Huang, professor and chair of the Department of Orthodontics, Univ. of Washington, was appointed chair of the AAO Practice Based Research Network Committee. The committee is charged with developing methods to conduct collaborative research with the National Dental Practice Based Research Network, an NIDCR-funded project that will run through 2017. Dr. Huang S PCSO BULLETIN * SPRING 2014

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A Magical, Spooky, International, Educational Time in Anaheim
New Columns
View From The Top: President’s Perspective
AAO Council on Scientific Affairs (COSA) Report
AAO Trustee Report
ABO Update
How To Save a PCSO Bulletin Article as a .PDF File
The Importance of Healing
Incoming and Outgoing Radiographs
Resident Spotlight: A.T. Still University, Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health Postgraduate Orthodontic Program
Use of the XBOW™ Appliance Vs. the FORSUS™ Appliance for Class II Correction
Advanced Research Avenues at the Roseman University of Health Sciences Orthodontic Program
Dr. Gerald Nelson
The Interdisciplinary Team: Managing Patients with Impacted or Ectopically Positioned Teeth
Miniplate Anchorage for Midface Protraction in Class III Patients and Molar Distalization in Class II Malocclusions
Achieving Financial Independence: A New and Younger Members Featured Lecture
The Role of Orthodontics in Trauma Management
Converting a Tube

Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Bulletin Spring 2014