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executive director ' s report About the PCSO Mission Statement Let's take a look at PCSO's mission statement: The Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists is a professional organization of orthodontic specialists whose mission is to help its members provide the highest level of care to the public by providing quality continuing education, providing a framework for a strong political voice, facilitating two-way communications between the organization and its members, and supporting the successful practice of orthodontists. Jill Nowak Every aspect of this statement is important, and in other parts of this Bulletin you will find evidence that PCSO is providing two-way communication and a strong political voice to support its members, but now I'd like to focus on the PCSO priority listed first in this statement-providing quality continuing education. While it is true that immense effort and thought goes into each year's PCSO Annual Session, the PCSO Board of Directors recently asked itself whether a single annual opportunity for continuing education-no matter how high the quality of that education-is enough for our PCSO members and their staffs. The answer was "No, we can do better." PCSO has made several inroads toward varying the educational programming options for our members - case studies in the PCSO Bulletin, an e-book, podcasts, Webinars and other efforts. In the past, PCSO also held regional meetings to provide convenient one-day sessions for various territories within the PCSO region. As our members' practice environments change, PCSO must adapt in order to provide the support our members need. Every member's dues fund PCSO's educational efforts, and the goal of the board is for every member to benefit from these programs. Looking ahead to Fall 2014 and beyond, PCSO has some exciting CE offerings planned: 4 PCSO BULLETIN * SUMMER 2014

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Bulletin Summer 2014

The Big Easy: Not Always So Easy
About the PCSO Mission Statement
AAO Trustee Report
PCSO Business
AAO Council on Scientific Affairs (COSA) Report
Component Reports
PCSO at a Glance
AAOF Report
Decrease Stress and Increase Volume
Resident Spotlight: Loma Linda School of Dentistry Postgraduate Orthodontic Program
Younger Member Spotlight: Dr. Melissa Bailey
Third Molar Protocols
Editorial: Special Section
PCSO Program Talk: Orthodontic Residency Programs and the Use of TADs
Case Report: Pre-Treatment
Faculty Files: TADs in Orthodontics: A Review
Seasoned Practitioner's Corner: Dr. Terry McDonald Interviews Dr. Michael Chaffee on TADs
Case Report: Post-Treatment
Pearls of the Pacific: Instant Edentulous Anchorage
Portrait of a Professional: Dr. Earl S. Johnson
Sweet Farewell: Retainers and Retention
In Memory: Dr. Burton Littleton Fletcher

Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Bulletin Summer 2014