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PRACTICE MANAGEMENT DIARY NEW TECHNOLOGY FOR A NEW OFFICE: COST-EFFECTIVE AND SPACE-SAVING By Dr. Jeffrey Nichelini, American Canyon, CA Editor's Note: We are pleased to announce that Dr. Jeffrey Nichelini will be contributing the Bulletin's Practice Management Diary articles, starting with this issue. Many thanks to Dr. Jerry Nelson for his many contributions over the years. W hether you're renovating your office, or starting one from scratch, the level of technology you choose to use is a huge variable. If you're a "keep it simple" type of doc, using paper charts and referring out your imaging, you can probably run on just a couple of PCs at the front desk. If you're a "latest and greatest" type of doc, you'll need 20 computers, a server, Cat 6 cables, access to a fiberoptic service provider, fingerprint scanners, multiple WiFi networks, and a consultant to manage it all. Where upon the spectrum you fall is probably less dependent on your personal level of tech prowess, though, as it is on cost. In my case, I wanted to be "latest and greatest" when starting a new office from scratch, but I was on a shoestring budget. Ironically, it took capitalizing on new technology to make this happen. My computer hardware budget was only $4,000. With this, I purchased one iPad, one Windows Surface Pro tablet, a Sony AllIn-One computer, and a large monitor. The benefits of all-in-one computers are obvious: less WINTER 2014 * PCSO BULLETIN equipment, fewer cords, more clean. The benefit of the Surface Pro is portability: it acts like an all-in-one computer, but it travels like a tablet. With it, I always have a computer with me while working chairside, but I only have one machine. It has been particularly useful for exams because I can plug it into the monitor in my exam room just like any other computer, and instantly have the benefit of large images to discuss with patients while still only needing a single computer. Also, the kids think it's cool. The iPad has been great for the same reason, portability. When the office first opened, our schedule was not consistent. Using the iPad connected remotely to our software and the office phone forwarded to her cellphone, my office manager was able to field all calls (including scheduling, patient emergencies, billing, etc.) from her house or on vacation. Now that the schedule has stabilized, we can still use it to stream presentations to our TVs. Utilizing cloud computing technology was also a huge cost saver upfront because it allowed me to skip the costs associated with purchasing and setting up a server. 31

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A Clear Message and a Clear Plan
So Much to Share and Celebrate!
Facebook and Orthodontic Practice Marketing
Component Reports
AAOF Report
PCSO At a Glance
Poor Posture = Back and Neck Pain
Resident Spotlight: Roseman University College of Dental Medicine, Postgraduate Orthodontic Program
Younger Member Spotlight: Dr. Mahbod Rashidi
The University of the Pacific’s Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry
Dr. Terry McDonald Interviews Dr. Glenn Sameshima
New Technology for a New Office: Cost-Effective and Space-Saving
Case Report Pre-Treatment
Dr. Frank Beglin, PCSO President 2014-2015
Helping Autistic and Special Needs Children
Organization and Innovation are Intertwined
Patient Service: Thinking Outside the Box
Clinical Applications of TADs and Outcome Evaluations with 3-D CBCT Superimposition
Root Resorption
Tips and Tricks from the Trenches
Case Report Post-Treatment
Diastema-Closing Appliance
Dr. David Thomas Lawless

Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Bulletin Winter 2014