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AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF ORTHODONTISTS FOUNDATION aaof report 10 years. For more information, including payment options, visit the Foundation website (; select "Campaign" from the top vertical tabs. The award will be presented at the Foundation Breakfast, which is scheduled for the Sunday of the meeting. Current residents are invited to attend each year as guests of the organization. See Annual Session Registration for tickets and details. About one-third of all AAO members have pledged $5,000 or more; of that number, 549 of us have pledged at the Regent level or higher. JaraBak award With their nominations, among others, originating from the AAO's constituent organizations, Dr. Eustaquio A. Araujo (MSO/MO) and Dr. Vincent G. Kokich (posthumously) were selected as Jarabak Award honorees for 2015. Nominations from Constituent organizations for the 2016 Jarabak Award were due by January 31, 2014, so that this determination might be made at the February 2015 AAOF Board Meeting. The Jarabak Award will be among those presented at the Annual Session Excellence Luncheon. See Annual Session Registration for tickets and details. Salzmann lecture Karin Vargervik (PCSO/CA) was selected to deliver the 2015 Salzmann Lecture, and Lawrence Andrews (PCSO/ CA) is to be the Salzmann lecturer in 2016 in Orlando. SUPPORT THE AAO FOUNDATION Primarily, there are two ways to support the AAO Foundation. * Continued Commitment to the Specialty® One way is to pledge a minimum of $5,000 (to be redeemed over three to five years), or pledge at the Regent level ($25,000), to be redeemed over as many as SPRING 2015 * PCSO BULLETIN * This award was created, thanks to the generous contributions of several of Fred's colleagues and admirers, along with the support of American Orthodontics. Currently, there are eight naming opportunities for the Biomedical Research Award, and one for the Orthodontic Faculty Development Fellowship Awards, for an aggregate pledge total of $250,000 each. Contact Robert Hazel, AAOF EVP, or me for more details. Keystone Society Another support option is to include the AAO Foundation in your estate plans and thus become a member of the AAOF Keystone Society. For more information, and to browse the Foundation's electronic library on estate planning and planned giving, go to and select "Estate Planning and Planned Giving" from among the top vertical tabs. FOR MORE INFORMATION If you have not already made the Keystone Society commitment (and there are 364 of us who have), please give it your every consideration. Feel free to call the AAOF EVP if you have questions or concerns. Terrie Yoshikane, PCSO Representative to the AAO Foundation Board of Directors Please see the AAO Foundation website at for more information. If you should have any questions, please contact Robert Hazel, AAOF EVP, at (800) 424-2841, ext. 546 (, or me ( at your convenience. S NEW NAMED AWARD: FRED AND DIANNE GARRETT Fred Garrett (SWSO/TX), a long-time educator at the University of Texas, Houston and AAOF National Campaign Chair, was honored recently with the creation of the Fred and Dianne Garrett Biomedical Research Award, which will be presented for the first time during the current Awards Program funding round. 11

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Bulletin Spring 2015

The Whole is Greater Than Its Parts
The Land of Opportunity
Donated Orthodontic Services Program — AAO-DOS
Trustee Report
AAO Council on Scientific Affairs (COSA) Report
Component Reports
AAOF Report
AAO Leaders Complete Terms in San Francisco: The End of an Era for PCSO
Preparing for the Unexpected: Your Emotional SOS Plan Part I
Resident Spotlight: Dr. Mona Afrand, Orthodontic Resident, University of Alberta Department of Orthodontics; Younger Member Spotlight: Dr. Mostafa Altalibi, Calgary, Canada
PCSO At A Glance
The AEODO Research Data Portal: Restructuring Workflow
The Aveolar Bone Housing — The Orthodontist’s World
Case Report Pre-Treatment
Smile and Appliance Esthetics — New Understandings
How to Remember Names and Places: A Dale Carnegie Program
The Latest Trends in Orthodontic Treatment: Part I
Training and Giving Feedback to The Clinical Staff to Ensure a Well-Tuned Team
Treatment Possibilities with Invisalign®
Class III Treatment: Timing and Protocol
Orthodontics: The Key to Successful Interdisciplinary Treatment
CBCT: Assessment of Anatomical Boundary Conditions Important to Orthodontists
Case Report Post-Treatment
Sectional Mechanics for Class II Correction
Dr. Donald Poulton

Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Bulletin Spring 2015