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THE AEODO RESEARCH DATA PORTAL: RESTRUCTURING WORKFLOW T By Prashanti Bollu, DMD, MS, MBA, Director of Dental Research, College of Dental Medicine, Henderson Campus, Roseman University of Health Sciences he Roseman University of Health Sciences' Advanced Education in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics/Master of Business Administration (AEODO/MBA) Residency Program at the College of Dental Medicine (Henderson Campus) has a graduation research requirement that states residents must complete a graduate level research project culminating in a thesis-like final research document and a publishable manuscript eligible for submission to a peer-reviewed journal. In addition to this resident research, faculty research mentors at the AEODO/MBA Residency Program may also be involved in a few independent research projects. RESEARCH LOAD: CHALLENGES With 10 residents per class in a 35-month program, at any given time 30 resident research projects are in progress and at varying phases of development. As the final supervisor for all research activity conducted within the program, the Director of Dental Research manages 30 to 50 research projects at any given time. In addition, each year as residents graduate, the projects are archived and are eventually pursued by the research unit to facilitate the publication process. The residency program was launched in 2008 and by 2013, the number of ongoing and archived research projects in need of follow-up reached a total of 50. Residency programs and colleges that manage a high volume of research projects run the risk of allowing projects and valuable information to lay dormant for years until due follow-up is undertaken. Being part of a technologically advanced institution, the AEODO/ MBA Residency Program perceived the need for an effective online resource that could improve efficiency of its research activity and thereby facilitate timely dissemination of research outcomes to the community at large. To address the challenge of project load and streamline the research process within a postdoctoral orthodontic residency program, an online project management application was developed. It houses necessary resources and resident graduate project SPRING 2015 * PCSO BULLETIN requirements, serving as a central hub for all research activity. The research requirement involves a fairly complex and lengthy process that poses a significant data management challenge for research administrators. Dr. Ji Hyun Ahn, full-time AEODO/MBA faculty, reviewing a research idea with Dr. Keith Dobrin, first-year resident. Each research project entails seven milestones, with the overall project completed in two to three years. In order to complete and prove competency in each of these milestones, the relevant documents go through multiple revisions. With multiple committee members providing feedback on each milestone, access to version history is necessary for research administrators. THE LAUNCH OF THE PORTAL The research data portal was launched during the 2012-2013 academic year as a result of the collaborative efforts of the Director of Dental Research and the Information Technology Operations Director. The aim of this application was to address issues of project management, time management, and student/faculty interaction. The application contains the guidelines and resources needed to conduct a research project, as well as personal student pages that store project requirements, an asynchronous chat feature to 21

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The Whole is Greater Than Its Parts
The Land of Opportunity
Donated Orthodontic Services Program — AAO-DOS
Trustee Report
AAO Council on Scientific Affairs (COSA) Report
Component Reports
AAOF Report
AAO Leaders Complete Terms in San Francisco: The End of an Era for PCSO
Preparing for the Unexpected: Your Emotional SOS Plan Part I
Resident Spotlight: Dr. Mona Afrand, Orthodontic Resident, University of Alberta Department of Orthodontics; Younger Member Spotlight: Dr. Mostafa Altalibi, Calgary, Canada
PCSO At A Glance
The AEODO Research Data Portal: Restructuring Workflow
The Aveolar Bone Housing — The Orthodontist’s World
Case Report Pre-Treatment
Smile and Appliance Esthetics — New Understandings
How to Remember Names and Places: A Dale Carnegie Program
The Latest Trends in Orthodontic Treatment: Part I
Training and Giving Feedback to The Clinical Staff to Ensure a Well-Tuned Team
Treatment Possibilities with Invisalign®
Class III Treatment: Timing and Protocol
Orthodontics: The Key to Successful Interdisciplinary Treatment
CBCT: Assessment of Anatomical Boundary Conditions Important to Orthodontists
Case Report Post-Treatment
Sectional Mechanics for Class II Correction
Dr. Donald Poulton

Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Bulletin Spring 2015