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S E A S O N E D Practitioner's Corner THE AVEOLAR BONE HOUSING - The OrThOdOnTisT's WOrld I Dr. Terry McDonald Dr. Gerald Nelson have chosen one of the most respected members of PCSO, Dr. Gerald Nelson, an experienced practitioner, dedicated academician, and past editor of the Bulletin, to be this issue's Seasoned Practitioner interviewee. Dr. Nelson's long-held position in academics at the University of California, San Francisco and many years as editor of this journal make him, in my opinion, uniquely qualified to address the focus of our interview: the extraction issue in orthodontics. Dr. Nelson chose to come at the topic in a slightly different direction than others might: he advocated that attention must be paid to where the teeth are in their alveolar boney housing, and that one must consider the limits that positioning puts on any orthodontic movement of those teeth. Such consideration would include attempting to avoid extractions in crowded arches by expanding canines and proclining incisors. His research-supported statements shed considerable light on the limitations we face in corrective tooth Dr. Terry McDonalD InTervIews Dr. GeralD nelson movement if one of our treatment goals is to pay heed to the health of the supporting structures surrounding those teeth. Dr. Nelson obtained his dental and orthodontic training from the University of California, San Francisco, completing the curriculum II program in 1965. He served three years in the United States Air Force in Athens, Greece before starting a private practice in Berkeley, CA in 1968. He is ABO-certified and a member of the Northern California Edward H. Angle Society. He has held various academic positions in the orthodontic department at the University of California, San Francisco since 1994 and is currently a full-time clinical professor there. He has served in several other prestigious professional positions, including as the editor of this journal and as a PCSO board member (1992-2013). Also of interest is that both Dr. Nelson and wife Pamela are avid motorcycle riders. EDITOR'S NOTE: This is my final interview for the Seasoned Practitioner's Corner. Over the past eight years, I have had the pleasure of interviewing 29 outstanding individuals (27 orthodontists and two periodontists) on a variety of topics from second bicuspid extractions (Dr. Lee Logan, Spring 2009) to canine substitution (Dr. Milt Chan, Spring 2012) to long-term stability (Dr. Bob Little, Fall and Summer 2008), to surgical orthodontics (Dr. Richard McLaughlin, Spring and Summer 2009), to canine impactions (Dr. Vince Kokich, Summer and Fall 2009) and many more, all of which are available on the PCSO website. In all instances, those asked to participate were very willing to expend the time and energy required, which greatly contributed to the ease and enjoyment of my assigned task. By using the interview forum, I have attempted to provide quality information from experienced practitioners that is of interest to all who read the Bulletin - both PCSO members and others. My only disappointment is that I have had almost no feedback from members during my eight-year stint. I hope that this lack of comment is not an indication of malaise among our members; regardless of our various levels of experience, there is valuable information to be gleaned here on how others play the game of orthodontics. I would like to thank past and present PCSO leadership for giving me the honor and freedom to put a few words together four times a year for the Bulletin. -Dr. Terry McDonald ( SPRING 2015 * PCSO BULLETIN 23

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Bulletin Spring 2015

The Whole is Greater Than Its Parts
The Land of Opportunity
Donated Orthodontic Services Program — AAO-DOS
Trustee Report
AAO Council on Scientific Affairs (COSA) Report
Component Reports
AAOF Report
AAO Leaders Complete Terms in San Francisco: The End of an Era for PCSO
Preparing for the Unexpected: Your Emotional SOS Plan Part I
Resident Spotlight: Dr. Mona Afrand, Orthodontic Resident, University of Alberta Department of Orthodontics; Younger Member Spotlight: Dr. Mostafa Altalibi, Calgary, Canada
PCSO At A Glance
The AEODO Research Data Portal: Restructuring Workflow
The Aveolar Bone Housing — The Orthodontist’s World
Case Report Pre-Treatment
Smile and Appliance Esthetics — New Understandings
How to Remember Names and Places: A Dale Carnegie Program
The Latest Trends in Orthodontic Treatment: Part I
Training and Giving Feedback to The Clinical Staff to Ensure a Well-Tuned Team
Treatment Possibilities with Invisalign®
Class III Treatment: Timing and Protocol
Orthodontics: The Key to Successful Interdisciplinary Treatment
CBCT: Assessment of Anatomical Boundary Conditions Important to Orthodontists
Case Report Post-Treatment
Sectional Mechanics for Class II Correction
Dr. Donald Poulton

Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Bulletin Spring 2015