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IN MEMORY Dr. Donald Poulton October 8, 1932 - October 11, 2014 D r. Donald Poulton, past president of both the Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists and the American Association of Orthodontists, passed away on October 11, 2014. Don Poulton lived a long and full life as a husband, father, orthodontist, professor, traveler, and performer. Here are some memories of Don from his colleagues and friends at PCSO. DR. STEVEN DUGONI (South San FranciSco, ca) I remember (in 1980) when the University of the Pacific announced to my orthodontic class that Dr. Poulton would be our new chairperson. We were anxious about this change and wondered what he had in store for Pacific. Dr. Poulton's style was to watch what we were doing during his first year, then slowly refine and build our department into the finest in the country. Don was born in Los Angeles, CA, the oldest of four children. His parents, Ray and Cora, moved the family to the Bay Area when he was five. He attended the University of California, Berkeley, and then earned his DDS degree in dentistry and orthodontia at the University of California, San Francisco. In 1954, he married his high school girlfriend, Virginia Abbott. They had three children: Ken, Cliff, and Julie. In 1956, they moved to Bethesda, MD, where Don did orthodontic research at the U.S. Public Health Service. I will never forget the 10 years we taught together in the Surgical Orthodontic Clinic. Don was a pioneer in the field of orthognathic surgery, and he built a nationally recognized Surgical Orthodontic Clinic here at Pacific. Dr. Poulton never made you feel inferior as a young instructor or as a student, despite the fact that he was a giant among orthodontists. Dr. Poulton is one of my mentors because he excelled in teaching, private practice, lecturing, and service to the orthodontic associations. I will miss his wisdom, humor, and kind demeanor. In 2005, Don Poulton was awarded the University of the Pacific Dugoni School of Dentistry Alumni Association's highest honor, the Medallion of Distinction Award. PHILLIP ROLLINS (Former PcSo executive Director) I had the pleasure of working with Don at the PCSO level while he was an AAO trustee from 1988 to 1996, and while he served as AAO president from 1998 to 1999. Words that come to mind as I think of him include mindful, thoughtful, kind, smart, expansive, prepared, visionary, self-effacing, humorous, and dedicated. It's that last word that stands out. Don was dedicated in all aspects of his life: family, faith, and profession. I saw firsthand his professional dedication, but attending Don's memorial service in February showed me his commitment to his family and faith. In my mind, Don was one of those rare individuals who left our world a much better place than he found it. Cheers, my friend, and thank you. 52 In 1958, Don became a Professor of Orthodontia at UCSF, and also became a partner in a private practice in Alameda, CA with Bill Paden. Don and Virginia moved to Oakland, CA. In 1981, he moved to the University of the Pacific (UOP), where he was chairman of the Department of Orthodontics for 10 years. In 1998, he was elected president of the American Association of Orthodontics. Don published over 50 research papers on orthodontics, and received numerous DR. HARRY HATASAKA (Palo alto, ca) I was teaching one day at UOP shortly after Don Poulton finished his term as AAO president and past president. I watched Don clear out his office of AAO notebooks. I watched him throw out at least two dozen AAO notebooks They were big, heavy, and filled with data that I know Don had to read and digest. Yet during all the years that Don served the AAO, I never once heard him complain. It took a lot of time and sacrifice on his part. I would say that he completed his job in grand style. Bob Varner and his practice partner Dr. Shawn LeMert. I was called by the AAO board because they were planning a dinner to roast Don. I couldn't think of one humorous thing that they could use. Apparently, other AAO members who were contacted did not have any stories, either. The result was that they had to cancel the roast - Don was a straight arrow. PCSO BULLETIN * SPRING 2015

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The Whole is Greater Than Its Parts
The Land of Opportunity
Donated Orthodontic Services Program — AAO-DOS
Trustee Report
AAO Council on Scientific Affairs (COSA) Report
Component Reports
AAOF Report
AAO Leaders Complete Terms in San Francisco: The End of an Era for PCSO
Preparing for the Unexpected: Your Emotional SOS Plan Part I
Resident Spotlight: Dr. Mona Afrand, Orthodontic Resident, University of Alberta Department of Orthodontics; Younger Member Spotlight: Dr. Mostafa Altalibi, Calgary, Canada
PCSO At A Glance
The AEODO Research Data Portal: Restructuring Workflow
The Aveolar Bone Housing — The Orthodontist’s World
Case Report Pre-Treatment
Smile and Appliance Esthetics — New Understandings
How to Remember Names and Places: A Dale Carnegie Program
The Latest Trends in Orthodontic Treatment: Part I
Training and Giving Feedback to The Clinical Staff to Ensure a Well-Tuned Team
Treatment Possibilities with Invisalign®
Class III Treatment: Timing and Protocol
Orthodontics: The Key to Successful Interdisciplinary Treatment
CBCT: Assessment of Anatomical Boundary Conditions Important to Orthodontists
Case Report Post-Treatment
Sectional Mechanics for Class II Correction
Dr. Donald Poulton

Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Bulletin Spring 2015