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From the more basic single-box upgrades to complete panel retrofits, these avionics experts can offer the buying advice you need Ready for Your Dream Panel? A EA member repair stations can turn the panel of your airplane into the panel of your dreams In addition to factoring in your safety, situational awareness needs and pilot workload, AEA member certified repair stations carefully evaluate your type of flying; what communications, navigation and surveillance equipment you need in the regions you fly; and, most importantly, how the avionics and instruments remaining in your aircraft will interface with the upgrades you are introducing to the panel These before and after photographs are examples of aircraft retrofitted by AEA member certified repair stations The objective of each project explains what went into the aircraft to ensure the owner/pilot was getting the desired return on investment from an aircraft-value and aircraftmission standpoint ► Mooney M20K BEFORE Rotterdam, the Netherlands  www.rasnl.com AFTER ► INTERNATIONAL AVIONICS SERVICE WHAT WAS THE OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT? The objective was the installation of a GNS430W and a G500 system into a 1985 Mooney M20K This was International Avionics Service’s first G500 install into a Mooney M20K The owner was happy to see the result and was especially pleased with the Jeppesen feature - 28 - http://www.rasnl.com

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Pilot's Guide to Avionics 2011-2012