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FROM THE PUBLISHER Who is the AEA? • T • • • he Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) is an international trade association representing more than 1,300 aviation businesses, including: Government-certified repair stations specializing in the sell, repair and installation of avionics, instruments and electronic systems in general aviation aircraft. Avionics manufacturers and distributors. Airframe manufacturers. Educational institutions. The AEA offers regulatory representation and technical training opportunities for its members, along with a wide variety of benefits and services designed to enhance their businesses . Paula R. Derks Each year, the AEA publishes the Pilot’s Guide to Avionics, a consumer’s directory filled with educational articles and timely information about the avionics industry, its products and its people . The back portion of the Pilot’s Guide is a directory of AEA members . Our goal in publishing this annual guide is to help pilots make better buying decisions and to locate the repair stations certified by international regulatory authorities as capable of installing and maintaining these sophisticated pieces of equipment . E n j oy t h e P i l o t ’s G u i d e t o Av i o n i c s ! Paula R. Derks President Aircraft Electronics Association Publisher, Pilot’s Guide to Avionics in Membership? Buyer’ AEA prehen sive Interested Contact the AEA: 816-347-8400  info@aea .net Or visit our website: www .aea .net 01 2 0 1 1 -2 s Guide A Com 2 Order additional copies of the Pilot’s Guide to Avionics: www .aeapilotsguide .net INCLU DING C A DIRE D RTIFIE OF CE ES, CILITI E N T FA TORS TRIBU D DIS RS AN T O RY D AV I O N ICS/IN STRUM RE MANU FA C T U THRO UGHO L E WOR UT TH A -4- i o n i c a t P u b l o f t h e http://www.aea.net http://www.aeapilotsguide.net

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Interested in AEA Membership?
AEA Staff/Board of Directors
New Products for 2011
Recreational Radios
Before & After
Avoiding the Bullies
Sound Advice on Headset Choices
Choosing an Airborne Broadband System for Your Business Aircraft
Class Retrofits for Type Certificated Aircraft
ADS-B: Learning the Ins and Outs
Going Glass
Cell Science
So What is Your Customer Really Paying For?
It's the FAA's Fault, Right?
Repair Stations
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Pilot's Guide to Avionics 2011-2012