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PILOT’S GUIDE ADS-B T Learning the Ins and Outs S T O R Y B Y D A V E H I G D O N Pilots Face Decision on When to Implement he first day of January 2020 . That’s the date aircraft flying much of the airspace must employ automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast Out per a Federal Aviation Administration rule finalized in May 2010 . That’s the FAA’s deadline, but what’s your deadline for adapting your aircraft to ADS-B? You could, of course, for myriad reasons, wait until Dec . 31, 2019, the drop-dead end-of-the-transition period . By then, goes one perspective, choices will be broader; prices might be lower; expertise higher – and you’ll have held on to those bucks until the system will no longer let you into Class A, B and C airspace, and other layers, on that old transponder – even unadorned Mode S units . Maybe the doubters and naysayers will have diminished . Or, you could shoot for 2013 . By then, the ground network of support stations completes nationwide coverage from, predominantly, 500 feet above-ground-level and higher . That’s the countering perspective to the wait-until-thebitter-end thinking . Or, you could bite the proverbial bullet as soon as you find a system that meets the standards of both federal regulatory requirements and your budget . Already, according to FAA information, the ADS-Bsystem covers more than half the country from 1,800 feet MSL, higher at higher field elevations, but lower over the Gulf of Mexico and within 20 miles of those stations . The remaining part of the continent not covered continues to shrink at a steady pace, as the FAA continues to add service areas and tying in the 300-odd stations already constructed – out of about 800 planned for service by 2018 . By then, few pieces of acreage will lack ground-level coverage . Then, the decision with a real potential payoff for the aircraft owner and pilot: whether to go for the whole system, ADS-B Out and ADS-B In . According to the FAA, two free ADS-B services became universally available on Aug . 29, 2008 . So, opting in early with both Out and In gets you more use of these two services via the hardware supporting ADS-B In . Few aircraft owners would say they are thrilled at the prospect of spending money, and many owners feel they’re being forced to invest where they otherwise might not . - 60 -

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