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PILOT’S GUIDE Cell Science: Modern Batteries for Modern Airplanes S T O R Y B Y D A V E H I G D O N Mid-Continent Instruments’ MD835 is the first emergency power supply featuring lithium nanophosphate technology. This alternative cell chemistry offers distinct advantages over standard lead-acid designs, including weight, maintenance costs and life expectancy. ut of sight, out of mind . The phrase is one of scores of highly human rationalizations . It allows a line of thinking that questions whether, if something’s not in view, does it really matter? For any and all areas of life where one might consider this a relatively innocuous truism, we seldom embrace such cavalier thinking anywhere in aviation . Where flying machinery is concerned, pretty much everything matters all the time; otherwise, why would aircraft designers bother? If it exists as part of a flying machine, it matters; no matter the flying conveyance, nothing exists without a reason — even when you can’t see it . Batteries easily fall into this crack — the unseen, unheralded little box of chemical energy storage . While an essential item serving multiple purposes in the aircraft, batteries can fall into neglect because — yes, you got it — they’re out of sight and, until they fail, generally out of mind . All those flying machines needing electric starters, ones with lights, electronics and electrically powered instruments, fall only one small step below the powerplant in importance . O - 76 -

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