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PILOT’S GUIDE So What is Your Customer Really Paying For? I’m sure anyone who works on exotic cars needs specialized training, but I doubt if this training is scrutinized to the level of aviation maintenance. F or the past 30 years, I’ve car dealer when he brought his Jaguar in to be tuned . He told me worked with customers who they charged him $120 an hour either own or operate corpoto tune his car . Let’s look at what rate aircraft, and I’ve experienced he was getting from us for $68 the ups and downs that go with this industry . I’ve been an hour . asked many times, “If At the time of our disCommentary you could make just cussion, his aircraft was worth about $16 million . one change within this It was sitting inside a market, what would it climate-controlled hanbe?” gar next to eight other My answer is aircraft . A good service always the same – I’d provider needs to carry like to do a better job enough insurance to of letting customers Gary Harpster cover not only his aircraft, know what they are but the others that are in getting for their dollar . Even though I used the word that hangar in insurance cover“dollar,” we all know that when age, as well . So figure about $350 million there . Because airdealing with aircraft, we could be craft operators historically need talking hundreds of thousands of dollars . But what really goes into the fastest turnaround times posthose dollars? sible, experienced crews workI was talking to a customer a ing multiple shifts will be needed to accommodate that request . few years ago, and he was quesLet’s figure six to possibly 12 tioning a labor charge of $68 an hour on his final bill . Yet, three people working on this aircraft at weeks prior, we discussed what any given time per shift . Each of these individuals will have been he was charged by a local exotic - 82 -

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Pilot's Guide to Avionics 2011-2012