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PILOT’S GUIDE It’s the FAA’s Fault, Right? R than two dozen aircraft departing from ecently, while sittwo runways or does the airline carry ting on a flight from at least some of the responsibility for Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta this delay? International Airport, the flight attenAnd, what about the dant began citing all the smoking thing? Having things, “according to FAA Commentary enjoyed air travel for more regulations,” you cannot than 50 years, I rememdo during a flight, including ber the days of smoking congregating at the forward flights, then smoking seclavatory, smoking and using tions in aircraft, and finally, electronic equipment — oh, the non-smoking flights and don’t forget those carryon baggage allowances . we enjoy today . Yes, the As we taxied out, we FAA is the enforcer for Ric Peri were 28th in the queue for this requirement; howthe runway . The pilot came ever, it did not propose the on the public address sysrequirement — Congress did . Congress tasked the Department tem to welcome us aboard the flight of Transportation with implementand politely apologized for the delay ing the regulation (Title 14, Part 252, while blaming the FAA’s air traffic control system . “Smoking Aboard Aircraft,” for those Everyone on the plane already who might like to read the regulation flight crews “roughly” quote) . The FAA was upset with the FAA because of has been delegated the oversight of the carry-on baggage allowances; this requirement along with its general although, they felt better knowing the FAA was looking out for their safety . oversight of airlines . Then, they were upset again at the As I sat in my aisle seat a few FAA because of the poor managerows behind the emergency exit rows ment of the ATC system . listening to the standard safety briefIt seems the only federal agency to ing, which mentions the FAA “requireget the blame for everything regarding ments” about every other word, I aviation is our friends at the Federal began to think, “How much do we Aviation Administration . blame the FAA for the things for which Let’s look at some of the “causal we clearly share some of the blame?” factors .” In regards to the ATC system: One of the classic “blames” in our What the pilot failed to tell us is his niche of the aviation industry is the lack of field approvals . Although the airline scheduled 28 flights to take off volume of calls regarding field approvin a 10-minute window, and this was als has gone down in the past five just one of the airlines taking off and landing at this very busy airport . So, years or so, I still receive a few calls could the ATC actually handle more from shop owners saying, “I can’t - 86 - http://www.aem-corp.com http://www.dpilabs.com

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Pilot's Guide to Avionics 2011-2012