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Winner of Class 2 (Natural scene with plants) David Sellar's joyous picture of Campanula rhomboidalis in the French Alps Class Winners Photo Contest 2011 the narGs annual Photo Contest gives an opportunity for members to see their photographs in print in the Quarterly – and for us all to see some fabulous pictures of fabulous plants. as always, the judging panel had the fun of having to reach agreement when there were so many photographs that every judge felt deserved a place as winner. thanks to them for all their work. in future issues the Quarterly will feature some more of the great pictures from among the entries. Congratulations to all those whose photographs illuminated this year's contest. Class 1. Portrait of a Plant in the wild 1. David Sellars: Primula pedemontana, French Alps 2. Michael Hoppel: Androsace helvetica, Dolomites, Italy 3. Tanya Harvey: Castilleja hispida, Bull of the Woods, Western Cascades, Oregon 100 Rock Garden Quarterly Vol. 70 (2)

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Rock Garden Quarterly Spring 2012

Geoffrey Charlesworth Writing Prize
2011 Photo Contest Winners
2012 Photo Contest Announcement
Seven Unheralded Axioms of Rock Gardening
Rock Gardening from Scratch: Vegetative Propagation - Understanding Cuttings
Newfoundland's Southern Limestone Barrens
William J. Dress, 1918-2011
DNA and the Changing Names of Plants ... and Making Sense of the Dicots
Jennings Prairie
Carl Gehenio, 1922-2011
Rock Gardening Roots
Plants that Dazzled me in 2011
Phipps Conservatory
Rock and Ink Struck into Flowers - A Response
Bulletin Board
2012 - Eastern Study Weekend: October, Pittsburgh - Registration form and details

Rock Garden Quarterly Spring 2012