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Carl Gehenio with son John Carl Gehenio, 1922-2011 It has been about thirty years since we met Carl, and we immediately recognized how talented he was and we became very good friends. He had a great influence on us. His plants were always beautifully grown and the stars of the show table. He was very generous providing instruction and insight into the propagation and planting of these alpine plants to anyone who was interested in learning more. When we first met Carl he was in his Primula auricula phase. He grew thousands of auriculas looking for the perfect plant. He grew hemlocks from seed and propagated thousands of heathers. He planted a roadside slope made of mill slag with hundreds of heathers and produced a beautiful garden. He had his own named heathers and hemlocks. Another of his favorites was the Allium perdulce, grown from the few bulbs he personally got from Claude Barr. The descendants of these first bulbs are still thriving today. Another lifelong project was propagating Anchusa caespitosa. This was an amazing feat because many nurserymen bemoan the fact that they could not keep this plant going. Carl kept them going for over thirty years. Carl was multitalented, he was an excellent rock garden designer and builder. When he was over eighty years old he built a garden with slabs of rock removed from the stream near his house. That garden was planted with choice plants and thrived. 152 Rock Garden Quarterly Vol. 70 (2)

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Rock Gardening from Scratch: Vegetative Propagation - Understanding Cuttings
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DNA and the Changing Names of Plants ... and Making Sense of the Dicots
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