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Photo Contest NEW & REVISED CLASSES If you enjoy photographing plants, share your enthusiasm with others—and perhaps win a prize. 2012 the naRgs annual Photo Contest gives you an opportunity to see your photographs in print in the Quarterly – as well as getting a free year's membership for someone of your choice that will arrive just in time for Christmas. Class 1: RoCk gaRden sCene Image of a rock garden (general view or isolated vignette). It is the photograph that is being judged rather than the garden itself and it does NOT have to be your own garden. Please identify the owners of the gardens. Hint: Frame your image carefully to exclude unattractive and unintended objects ... or move them. Class 2: PoRtRaIt of a Plant In CultIvatIon Image focuses on a single plant, group of flowers, or small group of the same plant in the garden, or in a container (pot, trough or other container). Class 3: PoRtRaIt of a Plant In the wIld Image focuses on a single plant in its native habitat. Ideally, the entire plant should be visible, not just a flower, which is more appropriate to class 5. Class 4: natuRal sCene wIth Plants Image includes both wild plants and their surrounding habitat and scenery. This need not be high mountain scenery. Please identify the site. Hint: This is not the same as class 3, and should not foreground a single plant specimen; the emphasis should be on the general scene. Depth of field is a strong consideration. Class 5: Close-uP Close-up image (macro or otherwise) of single flowers or other plant parts. Class 6: noRth aMeRICan natIve Plant Image may be of any North American native plant . This may be in the wild or in cultivation. 206 Rock Garden Quarterly Vol. 70 (3)

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Expanding Panayoti's Axioms
Photo Contest 2012
Photographing Alpine Plants: A Landscape Point of View
NARGS 2013 Election Timetable
Rock Gardening from Scratch - Seeds
Kim Blaxland and the Violets of North America
Viola pedata
Violas, Kim, and Us - A Celebration
Cooking Native Japanese Plants
Carl Gehenio Memorial Trough Show
Fire in the Hole: Phlox across Colorado
Rebuilding a Rock Garden in Pittsburgh
A Remarkable Garden: David Douglas and the Shrub-steppe of the Columbia Plateau
Bookshelf - Reviews
Swedish Dreams
Treasurer's Report
Bulletin Board
2012 - Eastern Study Weekend: October, Pittsburgh

Rock Garden Quarterly Summer 2012