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Swedish Dreams Mike kintgen as the plane lowered in over the pale green birch and dark green conifer forest of southwestern Sweden, I realized that one of my long time dreams was happening ... I was visiting Gothenburg (Göteborg) to spend the next five days with Peter Korn and take in the horticultural attractions. For an alpine, rock garden, and bulb enthusiast, Göteborg is a must visit. Between Peter Korn’s extraordinary garden, Göteborg Botanic Garden, and several other great private gardens, I would rate this corner of Sweden as the current capital of our art. Peter has spoken to the Rocky Mountain Chapter twice, but nothing prepared me for the scale of his home garden or the rich variety of plants. Difficult high alpines, steppe bulbs, Mediterranean sun worshipers, Himalayan woodlanders, and plants from every corner of the globe are housed in Peter’s encyclopedic plant collection. It is amazing what can be done when passion is fully unleashed. A quick tour on arriving gave me an orientation of the sales area, nursery, greenhouse, bulb houses, the woodland garden, moist boggy area, and the extensive sand beds in the rock garden areas. I would spend periods of the next five days wandering around, constantly discovering new corners and yet more rare plants. Peter is probably best known for his work on growing alpines in sand. This method works superbly in his climate; a small stream runs 288 Rock Garden Quarterly Vol. 70 (3)

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