Rock Garden Quarterly Summer 2012 - (Page 298)

Treasurer’s Report IntroductIon and Summary Included with this report you will find a Balance Sheet as of December 31, 2011, and a Comparative Profit & Loss Statement for year end 12/31/2010 and 12/31/2011. As of 12/31/2011, all Bank Account and Investment transactions have been recorded and balanced to the appropriate year end statements. Our financial records are recorded on a QuickBooks small business accounting system and, during 2011, our old version of QuickBooks was upgraded to the most current version, QuickBooks Pro 2012. Also, the Chart of Accounts was modified in order to better reflect our current operations and to make financial reports easier to understand. These changes will become effective in 2012. Below, I have listed those areas of Net Income and Net Expense (all figures in US $) that have a significant impact on our operations: NET INCOME Memberships Donations including President's Discretionary Fund Interest Advertising Book Service NET EXPENSE Seed Exchange Speakers Tour Web/Internet Quarterly Grants/Awards Administration Executive Secretary AdCom Other 15,099 1,662 3,939 15,201 4,647 4,567 1,342 4,571 7,437 68,354 7,655 3,709 4,625 3,750 62,846 8,233 2011 75,345 10,043 10,384 2,496 1,301 2010 78,265 6,025 12,975 1,460 (11,874) The Expense analysis shows that the significant losses by the Book Service in 2010 have been eliminated and a small profit was earned in 2011. The Seed Exchange continues 298 Rock Garden Quarterly Vol. 70 (3)

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Rock Garden Quarterly Summer 2012

Digital Quarterly
Expanding Panayoti's Axioms
Photo Contest 2012
Photographing Alpine Plants: A Landscape Point of View
NARGS 2013 Election Timetable
Rock Gardening from Scratch - Seeds
Kim Blaxland and the Violets of North America
Viola pedata
Violas, Kim, and Us - A Celebration
Cooking Native Japanese Plants
Carl Gehenio Memorial Trough Show
Fire in the Hole: Phlox across Colorado
Rebuilding a Rock Garden in Pittsburgh
A Remarkable Garden: David Douglas and the Shrub-steppe of the Columbia Plateau
Bookshelf - Reviews
Swedish Dreams
Treasurer's Report
Bulletin Board
2012 - Eastern Study Weekend: October, Pittsburgh

Rock Garden Quarterly Summer 2012